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  1. Well if it is an album on the site I really wouldn't charge anything but for regular album art around $60.
  2. Hey if anyone wants some album art let me know, prefer something that will be released on the site. www.ArtofEdwardDennis.com
  3. Did this in 20min of Tornado man is this the style your looking for if so I could probably do all the characters pretty fast. http://i575.photobucket.com/albums/ss195/edwarddennis/100002.jpg I have all the MM books/games so I'm assuming this is what you mean by the classic anime style.
  4. Yeah dude! You guys can all hit me up on Facebook or Pm or email me! http://www.facebook.com/people/Edward-Dennis/100000588785370 edwarddennis67@gmail.com
  5. Yeah I love listen to everything especially hard rock and metal! I'm doing two covers right now but hit me up with what you need!
  6. Hahaha I know sometimes I get carried away, spent hours doing the grass! I guess i know to many people that use photoshop brushes for everything so I do all my effects by hand...
  7. Awesome bro! I'm downloading your stuff now, gonna listen than hit you up with some ideas!
  8. What's up just joined love the music here, if anyone needs an artist to do cover work hit me up my work is at www.photobucket.com/edwarddennis
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