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  1. Made an account to comment on this remix right here. When I first heard it, I shared the sentiments of the Jeremy Soule haters, which was unusual because I loved Secret of Evermore and Morrowind. The remix certainly has the flow, and the instruments were treated with the respect they sometimes don't get on this website. Elsewhere, I understood the arrangement and it's complexity, and combined with the instruments, I had no doubt Mr. Soule was the author of this remix. Unfortunately, I guess I can't hear the brilliance that some of the fanboys are gushing, or maybe I've held his standards too high. Some remixes on this site have shown the potential to be great, and others use that same potential to it's fullest extent. This falls in the grey area. It's really good, but the fact that it's not perfect makes it disappointing. It would be unfair of me to leave out examples of what I thought were "perfect" songs by Mr. Soule. These include the title theme of Morrowind and "The Secret of Evermore" from the game of the same name, which is also a remix of the song "Dog Maze". To my discredit, I seem to favor certain styles over others, and orchestral mixes have not done very well. No doubt, this is an orchestral paradise.
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