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  1. As a complete new-comer, I have to agree completely with the length comments. I want to bob my head. The sound is there, and it grabs you. But with the slowdown at 0:42 and vocals at 1:10, with another slow down at 1:40, all in a 2:20 length song, I can't lose myself to the beat even thought I really, really, really want to. I found that Keer's edit version 2 really brought what I really wanted from the song out. Without the vocals, and the other two slow moments only lasting 10 seconds or less, combined with a longer duration, I can really set it to play on repeat and lose myself in whatever I'm doing. Now, I personally really liked the vocals. The only issue I had with them was the additional slowdown from the beat. Without the vocals it doesn't transition as well, so I can understand the reasoning behind putting them in. Two huge thumbs up for your mix Siamey and a big thank you to Keer for the edit. My music player thanks you both tremendously.
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