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  1. I registered an ocremix account to post about this work, which I loved. It's kind of fun to listen to Nobuo Uematsu's pieces, be reminded of another song on another game of his, then jump over and listen to that. Having the two songs mashed together worked very well here, good job. I couldn't help but mentally insert some of Forested Temple from FFVII where your bell/chime comes in (first at 1:31,) though that would probably make that part a bit too busy since it wraps up shortly afterwords. aaaaand now it's stuck in my head :3 (I too like the non-vox keer v2, though the jump at 1:09 is oh-so-slightly noticeable, an unfortunate coincidence that must be hard to cover up since that part is so soft. chimes getting cut was inexcusable though )
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