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  1. Hey guys! Been a while since i posted anything on here, i've been so busy lately X_x. I've had this song sitting on my compt for a while now and not doing anything so i decided to upload it. This metal remix was made using FL Studio 9, and Amplitube Metal for the guitars(along with other soundfonts for pads and such). I realize the mastering is not the greatest and i've improved greatly since this was made. After hearing this song in game i knew i just had to do a remix of it. Here's the original: Here's my Remix: http://tindeck.com/listen/wbcw Let me know your honest opinions (feel
  2. Well "six" or "five" will only get you so far when trying to communicate your chord progression. the roman numerals are very specific and are easier to understand once you know them. As far as being a legit writer. You can make a pretty decent rock song with a simple i, VI, VII, chord progression. add in a V every now and then to spice it up lolz.
  3. Not exactly sure what you mean by modulation in this sense, because whenever i hear modulation i think of vibrato lolz However, I really do like the way these are written and your chord choices make perfect sense. You obviously have some pretty good music theory under your belt (i can tell by the way you are naming your chords with roman numerals) I hope someone can answer your question better than i can i'll do some research as well and see if this is indeed what you call "chord modulation" It seems to me though that whatever it is you were intending worked out exactly the way you wan
  4. Having tried Guitar Rig 4, Amplitube Metal(made specifically for Metal guitar), and many free guitar amp sims, I have to say Amplitube Metal is the best thing next to a real amp. It has tons of really nice sounding presets, and you can tweak just about anything on it. I can upload a sample of how it sounds if you'd like. It works very well for both rhythm and lead.
  5. Ok i think i see what you are saying now. The vibrato on the low notes is kinda mixing with the rhythm guitar a bit and making it sound slightly off. However, i don't think it's really that big of an issue cause it does what i wanted it to do. It helps the lead guitar stand out from the rhythm. At that low of an octave it's a bit hard to distinguish so i had to find a way to separate them. adding a vibrato was the best solution i had. Anyway, thx again for posting
  6. Do you mean for the rhythm guitar? if so, then no it's conquerer sytrus sound over the rhythm. I did it simply to give the song a little bit of a techno feel as well as metal. I don't really know what you mean i wrote it exactly how a real guitar player would play it, or at least how I would play it if i could really play guitar. well actually the lead guitar and rhythm guitar are the same sound. They come from a Sound font called Ultimate Guitar Kit 2, and it's run through a REALLY good amp simulator called Amplitube metal. Hope this answers your questions and concerns (and thx for co
  7. Wow thanks ^^. I didn't expect a reply this quickly lolz. This isn't my first song I've written in fact I've already written many but none worth uploading until now. It's not that they are bad, in fact i like them all. It's just the sounds i was using weren't really up to standards if you know what i mean. I do appreciate the positive feed back thanks again
  8. This is an original i just finished making. It's basically inspired by all of the street fighter and guilty gear I've been playing lately. I just got FL studio recently as well as Amplitube metal. This is a test song that i'm very proud of. So, enjoy and tell me what you think any criticism is welcome as well as advice for future projects ^^. (P.S. if anyone can think of a better name let me know) Here's the link to it: http://tindeck.com/listen/gike
  9. Ok well it's been a while since i've posted anything about the song. i've gotten many new and better quality sounds since the last time i worked on this. So hopefully i will be able to update the sounds to make it sound as good as possible. I should be getting FL studio pretty soon (the official full version signature bundle). Once I have that then i can work on it much faster because i will be able to save the project as a flp. Once i do update it I'm very much a noob when it comes to mastering. It would be awesome if maybe there is anyone who could help a little with that. Anyway, That'
  10. Really? O.o it's exactly the same as the last mix i didn't change anything like that. I Well that is more of a preference than anything. However, i think it's also the way i have it playing in this mix. It's playing an octave higher than a rhythm guitar typically plays due to the fact that the song would require the guitar to be in drop D tuning. (My mute strum sound doesn't go that low >.>). I guarantee you though if i had a more traditional guitar line in a song with this sound, it'd sound much more realistic than the other guitar. Again really? lol cause nothing changed compo
  11. Here's another update of the song with the newest sounds I have. I think it will be ready to submit very soon once i make a few final mastering tweaks (the lead guitar for the solos is a bit too quiet =/). Other than that I think it's just about done. Let me know what you think. Link: http://tindeck.com/listen/mcya P.S. The reason it's taken so long for me to update is because i started college a few weeks ago and have been extremely busy lately.
  12. It seems that keFIR is no longer available =/ is there another program that will work in it's place?
  13. Just realize that I use FL studio and i make my own guitar sounds rather than using real ones (because i don't actually play guitar lol). The sounds i have a decent enough though, and it would be even better if you let me possibly use the one you used for this song. If I can figure out a way to make it sound a bit heavier it'd be perfect i think ^^. Edit: if not, however, I've made a VERY good lead guitar sound. in the mid-mid/high ranges it sounds almost EXACTLY like a real guitar only someone with a trained ear could probably notice any real difference. On the low end and very high end
  14. ah well i look forward to it cause i think if i added a little more distortion to it it'd make an awesome metal lead guitar sound. I'm very good at heavy/power metal although i don't care much for Death Metal but if you'd like i might be able to give some incite. it's up to you.
  15. if you mean cycles as in bending the note up and down; i did mess with varying speeds and starting slow and working up to faster bends. it did sound more natural however still not quite what I'm looking for. I'm either being too picky (most likely the case lol), or I'm just failing to see a very simple option right in front of my face. However, I do really appreciate your input as this issue has been bugging me for a little while now. I'll keep playing with things and I'll try more of what you said and see what happens maybe something might click
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