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  1. Hi! I found your post in collab forum. Well I'm guitarist(rhythm most, I'm not strong for solos for now) and bassist also I have some vocal skills and drums-programming. I'm very interest in collab! And if you interest too, you can see what I can in "Originals" forum and I made some remix takes. I'm not so good in production as you will see. But my splatter house mix not so bad8-) Any way, good luck!

  2. Thanks for the crit, guys. Always appreciated I'd love to take part but for two reasons I can't. I've never heard of the game (not a major issue) and I'm in between collecting new guitar gear at the moment. I'm switching from slumming it on a Line 6 Pod to proper amp recording. Good times I'm also thinking of writing a bunch of game arrangements, so maybe I'll re-work Corneria in the future when I get hit with some inspiration.
  3. I agree, most of my friends said it should be longer. But the theme itself really doesn't have much to work with. I'd add more but thats something I really dont like to do minus writing a solo over some provided rythm, but at that time nothing really came to me. I was also on time constraints to submit it to a little video game album on another website, so I wanted to get it out as quick as possible. The overcompression came from a very quick master where I simply limited the shit out of it and didn't pay a whole lot of attention. I'm pretty sure some was due to Youtube also. I didn't know much about mastering back then and if I could remaster I would, but I only have the final track. The drums are from Superior Drummer: The Metal Foundry, great VST. I programmed the drum track maybe 3 or 4 months before I finaly got around to recording the song in it's entirety, but only had the .wav file of the whole drum track. I figured the sound was pretty good so I just stuck with it. Like I said in the video description though, I may rewrite and rerecord some time in the future if I find a collaborator. I need an ideas man to keep me motivated or else nothing gets done. Thanks for the crit EDIT: I'll also put together a soundcloud profile to host my tracks.
  4. Hey guys and gals (maybe? I'm led to believe there are no girls on the internets), First post here.. Finally uploaded my first remix to youtube, thought I'd get some feedback and answer any questions (if anyone even has any.. I'm sure you're all experienced here). I really want to get more into doing remixes It's your standard heavy metal/rock remix thats oh-so-common these days. But it's what I love. Link is in my sig vvv EDIT: Updated link from SoundCloud