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    I'm lazy, but work fast(so i always have some time to be lazy). Looking for female vocalist all the time, so if you want to fun, PM me.
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  1. I didn't get the point. Some example of anti-hero plz Boss themes was much more clear, now I simply dunno what should i take as a source
  2. Mak Eightman

    OCR02483 - Doom Troopers 'Fire Move'

    That's the main thing for me. If you listen the music, you should listen the music.
  3. Mak Eightman

    OCR02925 - Castlevania: Bloodlines 'Find Me'

    I wonder.. Vocals at 1:22?? Vocals?? Voices?? I'm scared
  4. hey just curious were you serious bout the remix of thudercade?

    1. Mak Eightman

      Mak Eightman

      Hi. Sure, dunno when but I'll do it


  5. Наконец то! Спасибо! I knew that this game will be ReMixed by someone from my part of world, for some reason.
  6. Drop down loudness of sequencer synth(panned), make wide panorama for snare, drop down 2:30(too loud). Hi-pass 50Hz at kick. Do this, and this is great! I think. Add link to the source plz.
  7. Hello! Made this for Mega Man competition. Kinda fun and happy metal What do you think? Thanks. Source Fire man Source Cut man
  8. Mak Eightman

    3. completed Super Mario Bros 3. Athletic Theme ReMix

    Thanks! Have no idea where this tune sounds in game, cause I never played it)
  9. Mak Eightman

    Inspirational OC ReMixers. Ego food donations.

    Joined OCR thanks to @AMT He was Death by Spoon back then, if i recall correct. Inspired by @Sixto @SnappleMan and @goat at first. Then @Rozovian grabbed me and threw to music. Many thanks to him. @Clembecame a music friend. I remember the time when both of us was trying to be posted. Even tried to collab. But then he changed the course of his music.. @AngelCityOutlaw and @Garpocalypse This two guys was a fun company. @Liontamer always tried to believe in me @djpretzel His reviews and comments.. just thank you Thank you all OCR people
  10. Yeah, I know this drumm vst. I tried to make something good sounding, but failed. I'm lazy, to find out how to work with that vst. If you don't have any chance to take Addictive drums or supperior or other cool drumm vsts, you need to separate every drum/cymbal to a different track. Turn off all effects to have "dry" signal. Then you can work with your drum kit. I'm not sure, may be this vst has ability to edit each track. I just coudn't find it. Also, try to avoid reverb/room for drums master. This thing bring your drums under the mix. Careful with delay. If you use more then one instrument with delay, be ready for muddy mix) You can fix it by EQing delay it self and drop down effect's mix for delay. Use 10-30% to find out the comfortable sound. Sounds like an advertisement
  11. I posted my tracks at wip forums. I'm out of this project. Sorry.
  12. Hello! Another attempt to be like one of my favorite bands PAIN Not sure I've reach anywhere close. What do you think? Remix: Source:
  13. Listened with my mixing phones. deppend of what you call "clean". It mixed messy. Freqs conflicts, delay/reverb conflicts(freq), panning. All this brings your audio tracks to overlay each other. I don't know what is your drum VST right now, but if it has ability to work with each drum/cymbal/whatever channel it's ok. You can make it sound a lot beter. Make some accent to kick at 2,5-4 kHz(depends of your ears), hipass 30-50 Hz, boost 50-90Hz, cut 100-300Hz, add crunchy distortion(a little). You'll hear a big differents in energy. Work with each part of your drumm kit, don't use presets. Presets sounds great, but as is, without other instruments. If you want to put it to your mix, you have to work with it a lot(making from scratch, more usefull). I'd suggest start from drums and bass mixing. Lead guitar sounds too fake, rhythm sounds even more fake. Don't know piano or any other sample you used, but it totaly sounds like fake guitar to me) As for MM, yes it work very bad with VSTi, but ironicly it has the best midi editor i've tried. I don't use any gtr samples, I use guitar actually.
  14. Wow! 4 year old wip! Don't use Vita guitar VST if you want to reach something "real" sounding. Trust me. This VST simply CAN'T do anything real. Drums are buried. Kick has lack of power and presense. Crash(china) and other cymbals, having freqs conflict with each other and snare. Sounds messy. Hi-hat sounds louder then kick and snare. Big problem with stereo field. Lack of panorama(say hello to Vita gtr VST). This led entire mix to somethin crowded and messy. Cool track, but has no energy, because of buried and crowded drums. And disgusting fake gtrs. Also it's too quiet to my tastes(like twice or more then my mixes ) EDIT: Yes, I made all my music in Music Maker
  15. Mak Eightman

    Thundercade remix pls!

    I'll do it. But don't complain then