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  1. Thanks! 1^32 double snare shot? Intended actually
  2. Лёха красава!! Но волк был крут! А и Д самые рульные пушки в контре) This game, for some reason, is the pride of Russia and the post-Soviet countries. Lot of fans..)
  3. If I say that new Rammstein album sounds like everything I made for past 8 years, I guess nobody believe me. I should release my works years back. Yup, if I find the strength to finish at least this one.
  4. Hi. Have no idea what I made.. Any thoughts?
  5. I just realised I used this source long time ago. Bad idea. I'll find something else. However, I have a strong feeling that its time to clear the way for fresh blood..
  6. I didn't get the point. Some example of anti-hero plz Boss themes was much more clear, now I simply dunno what should i take as a source
  7. That's the main thing for me. If you listen the music, you should listen the music.
  8. I wonder.. Vocals at 1:22?? Vocals?? Voices?? I'm scared
  9. hey just curious were you serious bout the remix of thudercade?

    1. Mak Eightman

      Mak Eightman

      Hi. Sure, dunno when but I'll do it


  10. Наконец то! Спасибо! I knew that this game will be ReMixed by someone from my part of world, for some reason.
  11. Drop down loudness of sequencer synth(panned), make wide panorama for snare, drop down 2:30(too loud). Hi-pass 50Hz at kick. Do this, and this is great! I think. Add link to the source plz.
  12. Hello! Made this for Mega Man competition. Kinda fun and happy metal What do you think? Thanks. Source Fire man Source Cut man