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    Hey, my name's John. I've been interested in Video Game covers for a long time now and have finally decided to give back to the community. I'm also working towards a degree in audio engineering.
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    John Weible
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    Electric Bass
  1. Like everyone posting on this topic, I'm also new to this community. I've been into the whole remxing songs from video games for a while but just now decided to start acting on doing my own. I'm a part of some other forums: metroid metal(john_isdoctor), powerglove(ZFMV) and oneups(ZFMV). ZFMV stands for Zombie for My Valentine. A Resident Evil joke on Bullet for My Valentine. heh, Jill VALENTINE...Resident is or was about zombies. So I just came up with Zombie for My Valentine as a remix artist name. Great to finally be a part of this community!!!
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