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  1. I would like anyone who downloads this remix to also go on Kazaa, Morpheus, or whatever, and download the song "Blood Tears" by Blind Guardian. Blind Guardian is a little known fantasy rock band from Germany. I am one of the few American fans. Anyway, the central riff of this remix is, as I discovered, taken right from that Blind Guardian song. It even contains similar accents provided by chimes and a bass drum sounding noise. As a fan of their music, and also a fan of the game Diablo, I feel as though it is my duty to expose Mr. AmIEvil, and stop him from getting credit for the riff in this remix. AmIEvil did not create the riff that is the center of this remix. I think Blind Guardian would be mad if they found out that Mr. Evil was trying to pass off their work as his own. -------Andross