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  1. Had a great time at the panel. Was the guy with the Saiyan beard in the contest that didn't get the last song this year/the Chozo from last year that faired much better. Post up some video or pics if you got them. (Or any video from last year! I haven't been able to find any.)
  2. Took about a 30-45 minutes to attach the first time I figured it out. (And a while to get to the con with the wind and all of the photo requests.) The feet and legs were taped onto my clothes, as well as the forearm.The rest of the arm was attached to handles that I held acted as extensions into the claw. I could only take the body off by removing the forearms, so when I ran out of tape, it was stuck on me for the rest of the night. Only wore it Saturday. I think I'm going to work on it a little more and wear it again next year and make my gf a sprite costume of Samus, but she needs to use th
  3. Hey guys, this is the Chozo cosplayer from the panel. Thanks for the CD and all. DCK2 is one of my gf's favorite childhood games and she just told me that the panel was her favorite part of the con. Totally felt lame about only identifying two songs, but I bet the other guy must have felt worse. (I actually didn't see my opponent until just a moment ago when I checked out the pics that were posted.) I was kind of peeved that SoR2 and StH2 came up when I grew up with the prequels. My friend sitting in the second row with me was actually way better with game music (I'm mostly just a Ninty fan)
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