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  1. I'm sendin an e-mail your way in a few minutes. Good stuff :-)

  2. Sent you a WIP via email!

  3. WIP on the way over to you tonight mate!
  4. Great!! I'll bounce an mp3 down now and pm you with it, will be about 20 mins or so. Listened to OCR music and some of its pretty good! Been looking through the forums as well. Ok!! I'll bounce that mp3 down now!
  5. Been working on it this evening and it's sounding very tight indeed! Will probably have a rough copy by the weekend.
  6. Cheers, thanks! Will start with the remixing tonight! :)

  7. Heard your EP stuff. It's well done. I'll look forward to workin with you :-)

  8. Hi there! Can I take Ryumao's theme?? I'm new to this forum but some of my work is at BA-MusTech.blogspot.com . My email is on there as well. When I've got confirmation from you ill start cracking on with it! Thanks, Tom