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  1. Man, I'd completely forgotten the source you used for this, which surprises me given how much better it was than most of the music on that continent. I was deeply involved with MapleStory for years, and I'm glad to see someone tackle something from the game. There are some real gems in the soundtrack, and the nostalgia's not unwanted. I don't suppose you could be convinced to try something from the deep Ludibrium dungeon or Sharenian Castle?
  2. I've never been particularly fond of this theme, but this remix has finally sold me on it. I am duly impressed.
  3. I can only guess where the OST's I've seen on youtube and the like come from, but given the order and naming conventions I doubt it's been formally released.
  4. WARNING - MINOR SPOILERS So I've been trying to track down a particular song from Skyward Sword, but after poring over youtube and Grooveshark I've not been able to find any trace of it. There was a suspenseful track with a sort of Eastern vibe to it that played in the temple under the Goddess statue, in the chamber with the Triforce of Courage as you make your way through the three rooms of monsters on the way to the triforce piece. Is that track not in the soundtracks we're seeing at the moment? Or am I just blind? (Deaf?)
  5. I've been looking for a solid remix of this theme- heck, ANY remix of this theme- for quite some time. Mario & Luigi was a fantastic title with some very memorable music, and this one track above all else has stayed with me since I first heard it. I'm not terribly picky on genre, but I would at least like a mix that keeps the driving tempo / rhythm of the source material. If anyone is interested in giving it a shot, I'd be delighted. Source:
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