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  1. Hey mate, welcome to OCR! Saw you post in zircon's thread, pretty awesome stuff eh?

  2. Hey Zircon, I was directed to your music by DarkSim cos he thinks we could work up some sick collaborations. I have access to some decent recording set-ups and can get stuff organised relatively quickly. You have a real talent for this, I think you have some elements of 'AiM' but with a nice twist and I would love to hear what you think of any of my tracks.. www.myspace.com/eyebx651 I only got a couple of tracks up at the minute because alot of my stuff is using instrumentals I don't have copyright for and I don't wanna get banned from posting too soon. lol. Anyways, If you wanna give it a shot then I just need to get your tracks on DL so I can set 'em up for studio time. In the mean time i'll start writing some bars from your streams. Keep doing what your doing. Hit me back Peace 1 Eye.Bx
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