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  1. Looks like between you and TAIKOI, we've got a load of rock themes covered! That run at 1:34... nice
  2. Mmmm yes, I love this source! I see you've taken quite a few sections from the original and chosen to sample them, speeding it up and adding some hard drums and synths to it. It seems to me like you're trying to go in one direction with this, but the original source samples are pulling in another. The original sound design seems a little too chill for your urgent remix, but I like where you're going with it. Maybe you could try adding some distortion or other effects to the samples to make them grittier, and more fitting with your additions.
  3. Sounds pretty cool! While I was looking for the source on youtube, I found some pretty sweet remixes of this same source. One guy who remixed it in 2015 actually was hired to compose for Sonic Mania
  4. OK so I was trying to do this track justice with some drums, but it's so beautiful and natural sounding that I wasn't getting too far. Instead I came up with this... I just love your piece Juke, this is just a bit of fun Those flute samples sound incredible btw. Pretty much indistinguishable from a live performance.
  5. First of all, YES! The feel of this is much more circus-ringmaster than Italian opera, so maybe you could work in some puppet juggling and other shenanigans. Maybe some performing monkeys?! It's absolutely hilarious as it is... I think you're just about getting away with the free instrument samples just because it's so outrageous. If you were trying to do a more 'serious' arrangement of it, you would probably need more serious samples, but as it is, I think it just about works. The heavy reverb masking the poor sample quality you can probably get away with in a circus big-top setting. Also, I think your voice is fantastic - those rolled Rs give it a Brian Blessed feel. I think if you sang this again with just a little more confidence you'd absolutely nail it. It's not bad as it is, but you should do a few takes and see if you can hear any improvements. I listened to this before it had vocals, and couldn't really grasp what you were going for, but now I've heard the vocals I'm 100% sold on this. I'm on my 4th listen and it's still making me giggle! Great vision to turn this rap into... whatever this is. I love it.
  6. I feel like this is way better than it has any right to be, having been made on a phone! I guess if you pick presets from a small selection, they won't clash too much. Does the app only allow 4 channels at once?
  7. Hey, the permissions on your Google drive aren't letting me listen
  8. Nice arrangement, it's quite a bold switch to put this source into solo piano because it's a relatively sparse piece. I feel like maybe you've over-corrected some of the jazzier sections, which might benefit from being a little looser with the timings on the right-hand parts. My favourite section is actually the part from 3:22, because it feels more suited to piano.
  9. I agree with Souperion here - there's a lot going on and it all sounds very crowded. You can see the waveform of the audio in the bottom left - it's very similar the whole way through, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but listening all the way through is quite tiring on the ears because there are no break sections. The frequency spectrum in the top right is virtually maxed out on all frequencies the whole time too. It feels like one 3+ minute long section, so you should maybe try and break it up a little so that the listener doesn't fatigue before the end.
  10. More synthwave? Yes please! Love that lead at 2:46, and those tom rolls are great. The intro is really cool, although the fadeout ending is a bit of a cop-out. Still, a great debut from Astral Tales. Hope to hear more from them
  11. Wow, this is beautiful! I absolutely love remixing tracks from obscure/under-represented games (check my remix history), so this got my attention immediately. Beautiful instrumentation, and the riverside ambience definitely evokes a chilled out afternoon fishing for some delicious bass. The drums aren't as clean as the rest of it, but if you wanted to go down the lofi route then they're not bad at all. Love the smattering of Zelda's Lullaby in there too, it fits perfectly. Awesome stuff! Hope you get it to a place where you can submit it. If you want some better drum samples, maybe I can record something for you. Would be fun to see a Super Black Bass 3 remix on OCR
  12. Hey there, this is definitely salvageable. Some cool ideas, great vibe and cohesive sound design overall. Like you say, the mixing is a bit of a mess, but you seem to have listened to it with a fresh ear and identified key areas you need to work on. Quite a lot of high frequency content here that could be better EQd, and some extra width to the soundscape would be nice. Personally I just love when the groove comes in - you've got this lovely ambient soundscape built up, and then the groove slides in effortlessly and brings it all together. I don't even mind the punchy snare too much, but do see if you can switch it up for something a little tighter. Maybe just layer something on top, and dial back the volume of this one. I also like the idea of a few more drum fills/patterns, but definitely keep the groove you've got going and don't overdo it. Looking forward to hearing it with all those tweaks you mentioned. Nice job!
  13. Gorgeous pads at the start, lovely sound design throughout, although I wasn't entirely sold on the double-time section in the middle. Regardless, I love this kinda stuff so let's have more synthwave on OCR please!