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  1. *blinks* I'm not sure what to say... Although I will say this... It's.. Odd..... Frighteningly like old porno, actually, but way to short. I guess Mario doesn't take long.... Sickness aside, it is pretty funny and I love the zip noise in the beginning. That sets the entire thing off. hehe... I really don't know what else to say beyond that...
  2. This actually reminds me of a very old techno band called "Kraftwerk". Now seeing as I like some "01|) 5|<00L" techno, I'm very pleased to hear this kinda thing being played, as the one kinda ambient thing is held out through the song in the back reminds me alot of that older techno. *shrugs* I also love how it kinda has the feel of older techno, but has the sound of newer techno towards the middle of the song. Not much else to say aside from the fact that I really like it! -SS
  3. To be quite honest, I've been floating around for a while, but finally decided that Blind wasn't getting the credit he deserved for his work. It's an excellent remix and I love how it sticks very closely to the original song, seeing as it is a remix of an original tune. Very well done and a definate reccomendation to anyone needing some relaxing music that feels even more aquatic than the original. Keep up the excellent work Blind! Now where's my submarine.......
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