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    Member of the UMD Gamer Symphony Orchestra since Spring 2007 - in the past, I've been Vice President and Webmaster. I arranged the Kirby Super Star song, and we'll be playing my arrangement of DKC Factory/DKC2 Lava at our next concert.
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  1. I really liked the sound of what you have here. I'm not a professional techno guy at all, but I didn't notice anything wrong with the mixing or samples (I'm also completely new here as well). The problem I see is your arrangement has no sense of direction - just the same stuff repeated. What you need to figure out is what you want the shape of this remix to be - do you want it to start out with a bang, then back off and continously add parts to build to an even more explosive conclusion? Do you want it to be a more rolling sort of build-up, with more peaks and valleys? Do you want to have an extremely danceable section? Some rocking solos? Experiment with different ways to state the musical phrases here, with different transitions, different/new parts playing, and different samples taking the different parts. This will help you figure out what you want to do as well as how to do it.
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