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  1. Wow, just wow. Something very different with this one, but after listening to it 6 times in a row, i still want more. Hats off!
  2. GYAAHHHHHH!!! Im so excited... Just had to throw that out there.
  3. Yeah, I noticed its been quiet here for a little bit. Yet another project that is so very close to being finished, that im biting my nails off. Soon ill be pulling my hair out, in anticipation. If artists are taking their time to polish their tracks, then im fine with the wait. Cause I know, even if its 2012 before this bad boy comes out, it'll have been well worth the wait.
  4. Oh my beejesus, I can't wait for this. But I guess i'll have to. Hopefully more tracks are picked up to be remixed, as other projects are wrapping up. Lotta people out there with the talent to do these unclaimed songs some justice...
  5. Howdy. Haven't been active in the forums much, but I have been a member of the communtiy since the start. I got into VG Music when I bought FF6's 'Grand Finale' from a yard sale in 97'. Been collecting arranged vgm since Napster was still free. I love what you people do, and have nothing but the utmost respect for all arrangers. So kudos to all. Wish I could start a Chrono Cross remix project, but sadly I dont have enough forum cred. Maybe one day though;)

  6. Hell, im dying to hear anything off this album. Hopefully a preview will be put together sometime soon. Glad to hear that the project is still moving forward (considering how long its been going on).
  7. I was really looking forward to this as well. Quite a few projects on my favorite games of all time list are in hiatis. Could we get a new WIP date for this? Maybe that will get things going again. Thanks, peace!
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