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  1. Languages are living entities (almost). They change rapidly. The English we speak now would be hard for people even less than 200 years ago to understand. You could say that old English is dead, but we haven't lost anything else. Besides, old English would be inadequate today. Both language and culture evolve the same way creatures do. Survival of the fittest, and random mutation leading to diversity. You know, it's likely all languages share a common oldest root from when humans first invented it (if you believe "out of Africa"), which means we only ever lose language offshoots. In any case, if only one person speaks a language, no one really does, except to show off. I think this music is excellent, but whenever it comes up, I can't help but be put off by the voice. Also, while I'm here: "However, seeing as how today's youth isn't particularly interested in the old ways [...]" It's not youth today. It's youth always. Socrates complained about this sort of thing around 400 BC. And almost all youth grows out of it. Then they complain about the new youth. Why on earth do older people never remember that most of them were exactly like this when they were younger? They all worry endlessly, but it never ends up an issue.
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