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  1. Definite success! I'm not even one for dubstep, and I could certainly hang with this remix and thoroughly enjoy it. The elements were incorporated into the piece in ways that kept it interesting, rather than relying on trendy gimmickry as a substitute for composition and innovation. ambient, you should be duly proud of this righteous mix! I'll be listening to the 3 minutes and 38 seconds you've composed here for, cumulatively, days if not weeks.
  2. Right on, Darkesword! Celebrating the Lion Dance at New Year sounds like a whole lot of fun. I'm absolutely loving this mix! The texturing and layering of the samples is fresh and interesting. Great choice of distinctive samples you've used, and the sample quality from that Ra pack sounds very nearly authentic. Delighting in the spirit of the whole thing. You've triumphed again!
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