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  1. I am having an issue downloading two (2) albums that I will only be able to get part of due to the bandwidth limit (the limit starts fresh tomorrow)(then i will have to wait till same time next month) but anyway, It seems that i can't download on the OC Remix tracker... the error reads Failure: Tracker Error can't connect to the database. Contact the webmaster. how do i fix this?
  2. it's the 3.5GB/month bandwidth limit... the way torrents work even a 500mb file will easily end up wasting more than our monthly bandwidth in just 1 file... we got slapped with a $500 bill a few months back (for going way over due to torrent downloading) before we even knew we had a limit... so bit torrent is off limits unless on public wi-fi... but we're out in the boondocks where there isn't much available as far as internet service goes... i used to use torrents all the time when i lived in city limits, but the only downloading i am able to do is direct download because bit torrent is off l
  3. is there any way to download the remix albums directly, as i can't use torrents
  4. is there any link to this OC album soundtrack that isn't a torrent as i can't use torrents?
  5. if you are going to decide to create... and share... can you make the length 3 - 4min?
  6. can someone make capital theme from Sim City for the SNES in an overclocked remix?
  7. can someone make a remix of VS Type C from Yoshi's cookie for snes?
  8. I'd like to see a remix of the background music of the different casinos in the snes game Vegas Stakes... such as "The Hideaway", "Golden Paradise", "Buffalo Head", "The 2020", & "The Laurel Palace" combined into one track
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