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  1. Hi! Obviously, I'm new. Hmmm...a little bit about me? Not really a remixer, but maybe will try my hand at it someday. My creativity lies more with creating comics ("Kamikaze Charlotte")...they're not the greatest, but I like them and other people seem to like them, too. When I'm not sketching, I'm playing games. Kind of like a little bit of everything, but particulary RPG, Action/Adventure, and anything that requires you to kill zombies. Or i'm listening to metal...Kittie's my favorite and am a self-admited obsessive fan (not to the point of stalking, though). I kind of found this site on accident. Been trying to work on a Final Fantasy based sprite movie and was trying to find the original Battle Theme when I got redirected to this site and found Brian Duque's rock version of it, which is awesome. Started looking through more remixes and I really like a lot of them.