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  1. I agree with everyone else -- it's awesome. I've been gone for several years and this made me remember my old login info so I could give props. Good job.
  2. Yeah, I guess it kinda gets better the more you listen to it. I'm rather tired of hearing it myself, but that's just me. As for more remixes, I'm not sure I want to go through another 9+ month ordeal in the queue, but I have quite a few newer ones around the net.
  3. Hey DS! Long time no see. Yeah, it's a decent remix I think. Not bad considering I did it using only matrix controllers in Reason 2 (as a dare from a friend.) I see some people don't like the samples, and to them -- I agree. I don't warez samples, so that puts a roadblock on getting quality violin patches. I'm glad all of you enjoyed listening to it, -Spy P.S. Darkside, you know my aim name.