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  1. I had visited this site a long long time ago, maybe 8 years ago, give or take a year...and downloaded everything AmIEvil had created at that time, and loved every song this artist had created. I was so glad to see that AmIEvil was still on this website because my only copy of his (or her?) songs was destroyed. This is my absolute favorite song by AmIEvil and I definitely agree that it is way too short, I really wanted to more...and I honestly thought I remembered there being more. Still this song was a song I remembered about to this day, and was able to track it down to download it again. (The only thing that stopped me before was remembering the artist or where I got it from until I just remembered now). However, I was very shocked and disappointed that the only new song for this artist was the Super Mario 3 song...I just wish AmIEvil would make more Zelda songs, because this one was just that great!
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