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  1. Thanks for the advice, Rozovian. It's very helpful. I've started fixing the drums and they sound much better. I know it doesn't sound amazing yet, especially production-wise, but I appreciate all the help, everybody.
  2. @ ncocs: Thanks! I'm glad you like the new version. I think it's a bit shorter actually. I took a couple bits out, and replaced others, but I don't think I ended up with any more time. @ Capt. Stupidity Yeah, I probably have quite a bit of work as far as production goes. Thanks for the suggestions, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  3. This is a very nice mix. The instruments sound great, no real issues except for the "chirp" right at the beginning. But that's the only problem I hear, and it's hard to even tell it's there once the song starts. If you can get that fixed, that would be the only thing I can think of. I know you're looking for things to fix, but I can't find any real problems. I am still pretty new to this, so take it with a grain of salt, but I really like it.
  4. Thanks for all of the feedback! I've been working on revisions for a while, and I just posted a new version. It's a bit shorter, but I think it sounds a little better.
  5. Thanks for all the feedback, everyone! I'm working on various revisions, and I'll be uploading another version when it's done.
  6. Thanks for the help! Yeah, I was probably a little too liberal with the interpretation of the melody. Do you know if too much compression could cause the low quality of the sounds?
  7. This is my first attempt at a remix. It's kind of short, but I hope it's okay. Click here to listen to Deku Palace Remix.mp3 I'm new to remixing, so any tips or criticisms would be very helpful.
  8. Hello. I've been visiting OCR for a while, and have been amazed by the content. I want to get involved, and to learn and improve musically, hopefully contributing some good music to the site. I have been trying to create some remixes of my own, but they're still kind of rough.