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  1. If anyone else is looking for guitars on their projects, I'd be glad to fill in. Now I've done a few tracks on the forums I think I've proven reliability so you know I wont accept a part then not deliver. Even did a track with 2 days notice over Yesterday and today inbetween parties so yeah, hit me up.
  2. Could you do one that isn't straight up? Like have the speed rise 20% in 2% increments then fall 10% in 1% steps and repeat, I've found training patterns like this to be the lowest maintenance as you play and give good performance yields,
  3. Use a noise gate in post production. Revalver has the gatekeeper which is one of the best, you let the hiss play and hit the pedal to let the noise gate learn the hiss noise and it removes it. I understand that there may be other VST effects that are free but I don't have any knowledge about them. Perhaps if you can't find a good noise gate then you could upload the track so someone with the right tools can gate it for you on the forums.
  4. With the amount of games coming with special features discs, are there any that has sections on the music/audio production? even just movies as well as games. I'd love to see how the pros have their DAW's set up and other stuff they do.
  5. The lead guitar sounds terrible but I can't place why. The shrill sound it has just doesn't gel well and at least have some variation or something
  6. If you can upload the track today, I'll get it done before thursday. http://soundcloud.com/asterlius/gerudo-valley-wip I have a pretty close patch made up to how your synth sounds, to be honest, your guitar synth is pretty great. The rhythm guitar sounds pretty similar to my emg's with the mesa Once I get the midi, I'll train up on the timings and get a recording done, shouldn't take too long. I could get it to sound almost identical to the existing recording
  7. Double click the midi track to edit, zoom in and right click any note and select 'note properties' observe the midi track value. Make sure the sfz player is set to the same midi channel as the midi track itself. As for fx control, it's an option inside the fx window but I can't remember which off the top of my head.
  8. Fixed a few things up, sorted that melody and added the backing section http://www.megaupload.com/?d=339NPACD http://soundcloud.com/asterlius/battle-theme-2
  9. A DAW is a digital audio workstation program. It's the software that is used to record tracks, add effects, adjust everything. Cubase, protools, apple garageband and reaper are the most common ones afaik, I see the program you use is similar. I'm not sure if it's some sort of multi-track audacity like program or one with proper vst host compatability. For reference, this is what reaper looks like, very easy to use imo
  10. I haven't mixed anything or adjusted the audio levels but I'm sure it will sound better with mixing. http://soundcloud.com/asterlius/magnius-battle-theme-2 The link to download the tracks: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0RGVTW67 If you need any parts re-amped or replayed then I'll be happy to do so.
  11. Yeah, I'd be happy to help :)

  12. I had the recording finished by yesterday morning but there's some accounting to do before I can upload. There's just too many tracks in the daw right now. I have recordings of every stem with every pickup, 5 different solo takes with different note inflections and direct input as well as rendered outputs in multiple patches from my equipment. Should have the song down to under 10 guitar tracks by tomorrow by selectively removing piece by piece http://soundcloud.com/asterlius/29_11 That's the most straight forward version, the midi notes everything really staccato so it's a bit tough to work with some notes and in other takes I don't cut off some sections. I would have it finished tonight but I'm being dragged outside by my gf. I'd rather stay in and complete things tbh but... women What DAW software do you use so I can export the right filetypes?
  13. Nice work there Song has a cool rhythm to it, reminds me of megadeth. Perhaps you should do a remix of it and throw in a few solos, tear it up a bit.
  14. I've transcribed the guitar parts now and learned everything, I'll spend tomorrow with a metronome and work up the timing etc. For some reason, I'm getting a brittle sound on my recordings, nothing like the in room audio. I think it might be my microphone not working well or my inept mic placing. http://soundcloud.com/asterlius/section-3 I may have to use revalver and reamp the raw wav's. Either way, I'll supply the raw with the processed lines. Can you work with reaper project files? There are lines with no vibrato/note inflection that sound too straight, is it ok to inflect for variance? (like some long notes of steady pitch could have slides off and a harsher pick attack for more click in the sound) Cheers
  15. Any pointers on what's wrong? atreides444 @ googlemail.com
  16. Thanks man My playing is shot to hell just now. I spent a few years playing exclusively economy picking and it's removed a lot of the freedom for improvising.
  17. Depends on the guitar and scale length. Always the small stubby 3mm though, can use a jazz mini in a pinch but my private playing is all economy picking and the red jazz picks catch the strings a bit, like scrape across them. With the stubbies it's more like playing with air and you can get a serious clack with them and good bang for your buck on attack intensity, the louder dynamic with smaller movement is sweet for lazy players like me.
  18. An artist named Conlon nancarrow used to create music by punching holes into piano rolls for an automatic mechanical piano he developed. He would sequence fast passages in a staggered fashion and many musicians thought his music was manually played and developed crazy new techniques to replicate the very fast syncopation. The were not aware of a mechanized piano. The opening theme has a straight example of such music, chiptune sequencing the same as nancarrow used to do. It's nice to see old standards in new formats.
  19. I don't have too much on hand except covers of songs. http://soundcloud.com/asterlius/1928-overture-cover That's the only track I have with my new guitar, it sounds very different to my older recordings due to the active pickups and amp I have and represents the kind of sounds I would produce today with the equipment owned The next track I feel shows off note inflections much better and ability to mimic very complex sequences. It's a megadeth song and although the solo is long, it's not improvised but pre-written. My guitar was not as good when this was made though, I also used a zoom g9.2tt instead of an amp. http://soundcloud.com/asterlius/hangar-18-cover
  20. Yeah, sure. I usually record both the raw guitar and the mic'd amplifiers. This allows me to reamp the recording through different setups when needed but things should be good with just a mesa triaxis and a few basic postprocessing tweaks.
  21. If you can live with a 5 day turnaround, I'll be glad to do this. If you could send me the backing and the midi, I'll start right away.
  22. Hey guys, I'm not too great at composing but if anyone wants any guitar parts laid down then I can meet that need. I can play anything required at any style or level, I just like playing. My experience is mostly comprised of covering weird and strange guitar music from the likes of bumblefoot and darren housholder to time requiem though mostly these days I am trying to imitate guthrie govan and andy james. Anything you want done from ambient guitar to rock rythm or the doomsday or malicious fingers, I'll take it.
  23. Is there any decent professional violin samples or fonts available? (price no issue) To a degree, what you describe is what I did, aside from actually playing guitar parts. The quiet mix is kind of purposeful, I hate over-compressed volume pumped mixes.
  24. Not an actual compositional remix but an exercise in production to get used to channel editing and EQ'ing. Used Sylenth, EZdrummer vintage and amplitube 3 through reaper. Any mixing/production errors made? http://www.4shared.com/audio/0VhzYYIM/Underneath_the_Rotting_Pizza.html Thanks
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