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  1. God, this make me feel sad memories D: Its amazing though, is there sheet music available?
  2. Well, i know how to play the piano, so i dont need one with a lot of keys, but im looking for something more than a simple midi keyboard, i use linux multimedia studio, so yeah.
  3. Hello, there, long time lurker on the forums, and i really enjoy the ocremix community, so i decided to ask here about this. I need a keyboard, to use for my mixes, and i don't know which one would be the best for my needs. I need one with Midi, not to expensive, but still good in terms of features. Sorry if i'm too vague.
  4. Listen to this song i made, its pretty good. https://soundcloud.com/flakmaster/funky-thunk The name is random.
  5. It is a WIP track i am working on. First song. What do ya think? https://www.dropbox.com/s/4caake2nlzm3rfw/GERP.mp3
  6. How do i turn an mp3 into an midi?
  7. First i do not know if this is the right thread:oops:. Second how about a remix of bioshock the game moved me deeply and i think a remix is long overdue so if anyone can make a remix i will be extremly happy and/or glad!
  8. ufo2222


    Can somone make a remix of phendrna drifts depthes i loves it.
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