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  1. DANCY DANCY ME LIKEY Though the only downside is that the lyrics tend to get eaten up by the phasing (or what ever its called)
  2. It's nice to finally see a LoD track on OCR. And I do like the sound of the mix....BUT...Remixing "Requiem" in this style...I mean this is Lavitz's them and Lavitz is my favorite character in this game (May he RIP or be kickin ass with a mighty "BLOSSOM STORM" in hell). I just seems to me that this track really doesn't do Lavitz justice. To me it loses the essence of the character.
  3. old thread, I know...but figured it could use a bump as I would also like to hear a remix or two of "The Last Spartan" from HALO 2
  4. well been over three days so I will assume that no one objects...If any issues come up later we'll jus have to figure it out then...but for those that are interested my show is at 0400(4AM) GMT Fridays on http://total.gamingradio.net ...we also have an IRC channel if anyone would like to come in and say hello irc://irc.coldfront.net #totalgaming-radio...if you dont have an IRC client there is a web based client on the site
  5. Hello ladies and gents of OCR. As the topic says I'd Like to Introduce myself. I am Gadrius. Been perusing the site for some time now and found alot of great remixes. And as for my request. I am a DJ at Total Gaming Radio and I have been featuring music from the downloadable albums. Before I start featuring individual remixes not associated with albums I would like to know if there are any artists that do not want their tracks played on a non-profit internet radio station.
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