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  1. Sooo.... has anyone heard anything on this contest? Haven't seen any news on Team Meat or Danny's respective pages. Bueller?
  2. Errr, I meant for this thread's remix contest.
  3. According to Shacknews, there will be a new track included in the XBLA update version of SMB... is our luck winner going to make it to the game, as well? http://www.shacknews.com/laryn.x?story=66335 If so, should we be making loop-able tracks?
  4. My Hell remix is up : http://www.twistedsessions.com/artists/1337/audio.php?p=2
  5. This is my final. Going to take a crack at the other song as well.
  6. Thanks for giving the community a chance to remix your awesome soundtrack! Registered because of this post. Here's my remix of Haunted Hospital: http://www.twistedsessions.com/artists/1337/audio.php?p=2
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