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  1. i'm not entirely sure what this is but it's my favorite thing. T-Prot 2016!
  2. i think you're thinking of Hyrule. i've seen these sites before. i'm not really sure what can be done, we could email them all day long but i'm fairly sure they know what they're doing and all you'd get is a very Ruskie "fuck off", if that. but if anyone has had success shutting them down I'm all ears! I also have a hard time believing people give much business to these sites when they could just go one site over and get them for free...
  3. yaaaaaaay my stuff is up there and nope, i ain't got a single Russian dime
  4. I heard you got to talk to NOTCH!! nice.


  5. hahahah yea thanks a lot guys! we are shipping them as fast as possible!!!
  6. That's it! Thanks for all the submissions. I will announce winners soon!
  7. So, I'm gonna call it now, the final deadline is Dec 1st. It'll be Midnight MST, which I believe is 7am GMT! That's 10 days to finish something up or start something new! Jordan, it should be a self contained song, not a loop. Kinda like any song on a remix album from OCR.
  8. Hey guys! So, I have to delay the release of the physical CD for a few reasons. One is that it's just not possible, especially with the PC release coming up so soon. I'm sorry if this throws anyone off, know that if there is a close tie between 2 remixes, having it submitted today will make a big impact on my decision. But basically, since I don't need the audio for a while still, I'm going to extend the contest for a few more weeks. I'm gonna talk it over with Team Meat more and get a definite deadline soon. But the earliest it would be is the last week of November. Great entries so far! -danny
  9. the pretzel bump! huzzah! jordan - awesome! lookin forward to it
  10. awesome dude! Thanks! Is that a final or a WIP?
  11. hey guys, the digital soundtrack is up at MeatBoyMusic.com! just wanted to clarify, (since i didn't mention it in the first post) that the winner of the contest will be on the special edition physical release coming out next month. sorry if I caused any confusion
  12. awesome! thanks for joining to participate Looking forward to the finished version!
  13. EDIT - Deadline has been changed to Dec 1st! Tell your friends, your neighbors, your pets, your pants! Hey Everyone! First, it was awesome seeing everyone at PAX. It was a great time. You guys might know that I recently did the soundtrack for Super Meat Boy, which comes out later this month on XBLA. There are two tracks on the soundtrack that Edmund (Game's creator) and I really like, and thought it would be great to see if anyone was interested in remixing one of them! They also both happen to be spooky/scary, so totally appropriate for Halloween! I'm not sure if this is in the right forum, especially since this will be short notice and pretty unofficial. I probably only have room for one remix on the OST, maybe two. It would basically be whichever one(s) I like best. The game releases on the 20th, and the soundtrack should release the middle of next month. The new deadline is November 7th (update - now Dec 1st). Preferred length would be 2-5 minutes. Would need a 16 Bit, 44.1Khz WAV master. The two tracks you can choose from to remix are here - Chapter 2 Level Track "Haunted Hospital" - http://dbsoundworks.com/music/ch2normal.mp3 Chapter 4 Level Track "Hell!" - http://dbsoundworks.com/music/ch4normal.mp3 You're certainly free to post WIP's here and discuss them, but only links (please links if you can, rather than attachments ) sent to dB (at) dBsoundworks.com will be considered submissions. Feel free to send me WIPs too! (within reasonable quantities ) Again, sorry for the short notice, but we seriously just thought this up like an hour ago! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with! -luv danny B
  14. Hey guys, me and Adam Atomic made a flash game called Canabalt a few weeks ago, and just recently released it for iPhone! we're really proud of it, and I wouldn't have ever had the opportunity to work with Adam without OCRemix. You can play on the website for free to get a feel for it. So, I hope you guys will check it out! http://www.canabalt.com/ -danny
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