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    sup long time pianist classical,jazz,video game lol, also got a degree in production and have been producing singles and albums (normally jazz or acoustic)for last couple of yrs, as well as doing it in my free time with friends and in a non commercial sense just doing whatever. i like recording myself playing classical/jazz and video game piano using vsts etc and making youtube videos, check out my channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/GintokiPianist?feature=mhum
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  1. hi! anyone who knows me will know that i mostly do covers of vgm, but recently someone asked me to do a cover of "because i love you" from earthbound, while i was doing it i thought well! this would sound great as a wood wind section, with maybe a little bit of strings etc, so i went ahead and rearranged/harmonized and mixed the whole thing. i normally dont post my stuff as its generally just covers not really a total overhall however i thought u guys might enjoy this one i normally play all the instrument parts on webcam and put them all together for my vids but for this one i felt like i couldnt be bothered as i had already spent alot of time on the rearranging p.s although marked finished i might possibly rerender the bass sound as i have noticed problems with the vst instrument causing occasional sound drop outs on long notes. here is the source material and here is my version p.s as far as i know there are no midis for this tune, apon request i could release mine, though obviously it would be the rearrangement
  2. hey bro sorry ive been away for a while i liked the piece its very simple and melodic for the most part, theres a couple of chord crunches im not so keen on but i might be able to help you out with it
  3. very enjoyable, i see the jeux d'eux referencing, very nice piece i do love ravel and debussy also. some of the chord progressions are more on the debussy side, but yeah i see some ravel style rhythmic devices, im not so great at writing impressionist my stuff normally ends up sounding more bach,mozart or chopin! but yeah brilliant homage with some originality thrown it there!
  4. pretty cool the writing and playing is fine id work on the overall eq, especially on the deku tree so many basses making the eq very pitchy in the mid bass bet its peaking around 400hz. try taking out some of the low end on the melody lines it just needs more space you could try applying some stereo widening to the treble of the melodies to thicken it up but dont go wild with it overall i like it
  5. it would be a cm13 as the a is the 13th lol, but yeah generally u leave out the route and the 5th for jazz voicings, i mean if ur playing a c minor u can be damn sure that the bass player is playing a route, and guitarist probably got the 5th covered, its really more about what notes definately wont work, or will rarely work, for instance a regular 11th on a major chord generally suxs but works great on a minor etc
  6. thats quite a cool piece, never heard it before though, and yeah the e substitution in it is basically E half dim or Gm6/E And yeah its basically in Bflat though i reserve the right to play chords out of key when i feel like it lol for instance substituting the Cm7 for a C b9 b13 just for giggles, anyways for jazz chord voicings and voice leading is what gives you the sound, you should experiment building chords with multiple forths and sorta semitone crunches for instance i play the C minor in the piece as A-D-Eb-G giving you a semitone between the d and eb and basically the other notes are all forths, that voice could also be a diminished or f13 depending on the bass, but anyways now im waffling
  7. i dont mind doing them, or answering questions about chords etc i mean its not like im jazz king but if your just learning sort of 7ths etc i can probably show you some different variations etc, got alot of work atm, but yeah im open to ideas and suggestions
  8. hahaha messing around until it sounds less awful sounds like musical equivalent of natural selection maybe after 4billion years you will be left with a good piece and i agree its when your at your most bored at work etc when u get the ideas u want to use, generlly i find that if you got a tune in your head, try putting it to drums beats or chords or whatever you can imagine easiest, im a pianist so i generally try to backdrop it to different chord progressions, might seem like you got more to remember that way, but the brain doesnt work like that, it works in association, if you can associate the melody with a rhythm,harmony or even a particular instrumentation your more likely to remember it, assuming you dont have some sort of recording tool handy lol
  9. (video form!) haha yeah your probably right, and yeah i realised when i exported it, i had saved some changes i didnt mean to, while i was working on the mix, i came up with some new ideas for the next song and jotted them down, changed the panning on the guitar to the left and forgot to move it back haha, but yeah basically i think before i chuck it on youtube or whatever i need to eq the bass slightly, maybe remove some of the delays (actually not alot of reverbs, mostly feedback delays, but its the same stuff at the end of the day lol) probably ill dial it back on the bass and keys, i think it really works on the guitar but maybe too much on the bass, the kit is fairly dry anyways i think but very snappy sounding due to the multiband exciter on the mastering, tends to make the kit sound punchy, thanks for your comments and i know what im like i always wanna record the next idea lol, but yeah i like to export them to listen to them on my good speaker system as i often mix downstairs with the piano on my laptop using headphones, occasionally checking the sound on my "average persons stereo" no point making a mix that sounds wonderful on your speakers and crap on everyone elses
  10. ok so heres my new thing. if you didnt play ff7 just skip to the music :Pduring the time when shinra pwned the world, president shinra had alot of corporate clients not just that, but also the turks didnt have much fighting to do in the pre-cloud era, so they formed a funk band to play at receptions for clients for shinra, this gave birth to a new genre of music called "evil corporation funk!" and the turks formed a band called "turks go pop" Tseng on Synth/Keys Rude on bass Reno on drums Elena on guitar Rufus got no musical talent but occasionally plays triangle sephiroth did play clarinet with them but after working out that hes the son of jenova he really neglicted his clarinet studies... for shame! anyways ill probably be realising some more funky remixes along this sorta band arrangement and genre currently working on a main theme mix. will probably make a ridiculous video with random conversations between the charachters if i get too bored on my time off work lol. EDIT - FIXED BASS EQ,MADE PANNING MORE SYMETRICAL or on video
  11. hey great tune thats pretty cool, what vst is that, sounds like pianissimo most of the notes are fine but some of the middle sounds abit sorta wooly (sorry for the random description) my bet is you have some peaking at around 400-450 hz causing the "wooly" sound it doesnt have much in the top end either, but i guess you just arent playing high keys haha. anyways looking forward to the final product u obviously got some piano/compositional skills
  12. yeah thats chopin lol, the most famous nocturne Eb and yeah i agree it could be improved and i like all the suggestions, but im working on other pieces and got alot of real work aswell so i might not come back to it for a while lol
  13. would you say submit it with the piano solo at the end or cut it? it might be abit too airy and unquantised for some tastes lol, but sure if you think so, i guess i will fix that note that was over hit and submit it
  14. hey! thats awesome dude, good luck with your rehearsal id love to hear this played by real brassers p.s if you never get around to recording it, send me the midi and ill render it at the studio as high quality vsts (at least its better than midi ), unless thats something you could do yourself!, just being helpful you know haha.
  15. hey like most of my stuff its pretty close to the source id say its basically a remastering + 36.56% funk as you can see i played all parts myself apart from the bass which i wrote in midi (because my keyboard is fully weighted and the bass i wrote had a finger funk 16ths style so i couldnt get the speed on the keys so i played it in 50% speed to get the dynamics) heres the source for anyone who doesnt know it. and heres my version, let me know what you think about any aspect apart from my video editing skills which i know is piss poor
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