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  1. Given the popularity of Tim Follin's OSTs for remixing here, I'm really surprised that Sky Shark hasn't been looked at before. It's got some great source material for a heavy metal mix or some EDM. Given the creativity here, though, I think that it could be taken anywhere. Sky Shark was one of the first NES games my brother and I remember playing, diving a P-40 Warhawk against innumerable foes proved to be quite the challenge to us for years. The soundtrack always stuck even into college - on , I still listen to it! Even if nobody mixes it, I'd highly encourage just giving it a listen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_8zoBmDPxA
  2. Skyshark was one of the first NES games I ever played, and the soundtrack stuck with me a lot longer after that. I'm hoping for remix of either the title track http://youtu.be/72SHi__VNI0 and/or the stage one track . As for genre of music, I think the OST lends itself to either dance/dubstep or metal. But I'm not picky. I'd be stoked for any Skyshark Mix. Not to mention it'd make my time in the desert just a wee bit shorter! Thanks for any of the ReMixers out there that even gave this post a look; I've been following you guys and listening to OC Remix back when it was just a part of Overclocked. Even used a bunch of mixes in my wedding! (Shh, don't tell the in-laws.) Have a good day!