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  1. Remix Source: Made this for MnP119 a while back. Unfortunately I lost the current draft of this remix, with an older version that has some interesting problems. Might come back to "update" it later. But eh, I think the current work I did is good enough for now. Enjoy!
  2. D'oh! Well, I guess we'll have to see who takes it hammier. Or one of us could make it 80's pr0n rofl. Who knew Death(evan) could be so kinky...
  3. Too generic. 70's porn jingle maybe? Got some funky organs...
  4. Welp, already covered this. You guys have fun with it lol. I'll probably be around to vote though!
  5. Whew, this was a hot round alright. Lots of great interpretations of this source. Maybe next time I'll try not to 1:1 it =p
  6. Sure. I can do that if I ever win again. Who knows =p
  7. Submitted! Do your best to kick our asses! You make good shtuff!
  8. Nice work on the MIDI TVG! From one fan of the Silent Hill franchise to another, I agree with your sentiment. Let's see how we can take this source tune further eh?
  9. Holy crap, I will have to do this one. It also ends on my birthday. Wooooooo billy. Good timing!!
  10. Updated!! Remix Sources: Went for a slightly campy two-source meddley of these themes. Hope you guys dig it!
  11. P-P-P-PINGAS I'll be submitting this baby for sure!!
  12. Whatever the case, it won't be free. Pretty much all Distributors charge some kinda fee...some of them monthly as I have learned the hard way. But Bandcamp ALONE is a bad idea imo. As I don't know if Bandcamp offers any IP protection. Does your friend use SongSecure or some other blockchain/encoding service? Not talking NFT's of course. At any rate your friend has to do his/her own due diligence to protect their work, foisting that all on you is kinda unfair as it costs $$$ to do so. (EDIT) Well, Bandcamp IS free, but it's equally as unsecure as YouTube, as there are workarounds to download the "walled-off" content. Literally just google "Bandcamp downloader" and at least 3 applications will show up. So make sure your friend has some way to ensure he can prove his work is his IF the worst happens*. Hope this helps.
  13. Remix Source: Be sure to listen carefully, I did some original touches with the chromatic (harp) stuff, especially. Hopefully that's enough to push it into post-able territory. I think there is some post-rendering issues and possible f**k-ups with the operatic singer. What else is there that could be touched up upon? So ya, I made this one for MnP131, but looking to get it posted at OCR. Any feedbacks? No blowing smoke up my ass - those who're friends of mine!! Or else CDI Ganon will make your faces the GREATEST in Metroid Other M.
  14. Y'know what's weird?? BoF2 is my favorite jrpg but I've barely done any remixes for it, asides from Deathevan, boss battle 2 and more than words. Hell, Chrono Trigger is my 2nd and it has even less...I need to get my ass into gear lol. And I'd love to hear your take on 'A Crisis' @HLEET. Bon Chance!!
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