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  1. Could play it by ear. We'll see. edit) Depends on participation. At the VERY least, I can submit you in as a BONUS and if no other entries, I will make you defacto winner lol.
  2. 8 days to go and 0 submissions thus far...
  3. Unfortunately I got 0 inspiration with this one. Battling a head-cold on top of it isn't helping T_T
  4. IT BURNNNSSSS....Force. Use the Forks, Luke!
  5. Deliciously atmospheric and foreboding. Great job guys :3
  6. Uh-oh! OCR Plaid Muffins, they've gone to...Plaid! Silliness aside, any vocal remix is ALWAYS welcome in my books. I'm splash hoppin' all the way to the comments section baby! Swag and grooovy remix mon!
  7. I LOVE the atmospheric start up into an epic rock section. Great blend of genres and instruments. Another sexy SD3 remix ... it really "scavenges" my sense of aesthetics and elevates my soul to another level. Nice work Rozovian, Mozzaratti, Mak Eightman
  8. Nice flute-work and percussion! If this was sequenced I'd have a hard time telling, 'Summer Tea Time' is a nicely produced chill-out remix. Great work fellas! Like Mazedude, I'll listen to ANYTHING that Audio Fidelity puts forth! Abi Coffer was a great addition as collaborato (just read the description... nice flute performance Abi, top notch work!)
  9. Indeed! Pretty sick rock interpretation. Will be jamming with 'Brooding Tolerance' in the car for sure lmao.
  10. Hilarious comparison . Except I'm certain we'd all like to think that Songs of Light & Darkness had a Positive reception upon release lmao. Poor Duke. (edit) Confession: I still need to beat SD3!! That's next in my bucket list damnit lmao. Will be fun to compare the remixes to the originals as I play!
  11. HoboKa

    PRC380 - The Legend of the Sea (Legend of Mana)

    Least you got something in lmao. I totally let this 1 breeze by...had some personal issues to deal with, but still kicking myself for forgetting x_X. Nice entry btw!
  12. Hey Compo doods - do you think I should add 1 more CV4 remix to make the round seem a bit fresher? Or is Forest of Monsters good enough?
  13. Whew...I feel ancient. Like papyrus. Big thanks to all and congradurations on big release. Had a blast working on this project and so enthused to see it released after a long decade!! Time sure does fly lol.
  14. (*edits-de sei!) Well this is a serendipitous surprise. Feels epic to be first in the line-up of SD3 track releases. Didn't realize how much more passionate that Archangel was than me when he collab'd with me (and I worked my &%@*ing ass off too, so it's not a hard knock on anyone!). His write-up describing the remix is beautiful and epic. Rozovian's words also touched my heart-strings a bit *teary eyed* - fellow newbs learning to navigate the Wild-West of remixin' and to do battle with the oft unyielding J-panel, doing our damned best to find a way to get our own sound accepted - erstwhile enduring the slings and arrows from nay-sayers etc - but damnit, did we work hard to form a sub-community to rival that of the Elite hahaha! Was a blast working on the project. And holy &$@^ Songs of Light & Darkness was a long time in coming: I thought I would never live the day to see it's release. Big thanks to all who participated. So um...2nd opinion on this baby, J panel??