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  1. You're the second person to tell me that. I remember little of that game lol. Thanks for the nice comments and feedback.
  2. Thanks. That is very true... Glad you found a place here. This community will be around in some way shape or form for a while yet, I reckon. Best of wishes to you. If you're in the Thasauce Discord, you can find me there. Also, I think someone gave me a Beta-build CPU. Faulty wiring...beep boop X_X
  3. Huh, no one else mentioned that the strings sounded shrill, so I think I was being too subjective on your guys' collab. Maybe I tried too hard to find something to critique...see why I need to take a step back?
  4. Big Update!! I am going to be taking a break from MnP and am working to delegate all responsibilities to @TheVideoGamer and to a lesser extend @Bundeslang. I will be on standby for emergencies. Though I aim to spend less time at OCR, as I love the community, but I don't like how high the Quality Bar is and feel that the Judge Panel could step it down a notch for the less skilled hobbyists. Also this blinding white light of the forum Theme is really bad for my eyes. Being near-sighted (yeah, I use glasses...but I might be at risk for Glaucoma) and with constant Allergy problems, i
  5. Nice feedbacks there TVQ, very well thought-out and in depth. And congradurations on winning.
  6. https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/997118 For the defunct Paths Less Traveled 2. I used Composer Cloud for most of the elements, except for some Damage Drums stuff.
  7. Let them know in Site Issues and Feedback maybe. https://ocremix.org/community/forum/26-site-issues-feedback/
  8. OOoooo Love it!! Got no feedbacks, but I dig it a ton.
  9. Thanks man. I got an update for it on the way. *Oh and... Someday I'll fix that drum pattern on the MP1 Overworld, but I guess the jankiness of it has some charm lmao. (EDIT)...And the update had a technical problem on rendering...some weird crackling distortion, working to fix it now. Hopefully it won't persist.
  10. All of my Super and Prime remixes thus far. Enjoy! (Hopefully the last edit for a while lol)
  11. BONUS 2...if you got time to add it in last minute @Bundeslang. So @evktalo*, might wanna make that 13 entries, though both of mine are bonuses. "My remix of the Mini Boss theme in Secret of Evermore, almost complete. Has some cool ideas, lacks that final polish, but hey, that's my usual remix these days." https://www.mediafire.com/file/mbzjp6ij7ja5mda/secret_of_evermore_mini_boss_remix_verA7.mp3/file
  12. So I mulled over this little back and forth and I gotta be the stuffy rule-meister and say, save the qualitative comments until after voting period. Something like this might make people think TheVideoGamer's entry isn't viable. Let your votes make that call. >_> Bruh!! For DINNER.
  13. Hello OCR, I'd like to share my first Music Asset Package on GameDev Market. https://www.gamedevmarket.net/asset/cyberpunk-strategy-puzzle/ Got my first Asset Package on GameDev Market. Some of the tunes were lifted from my Cyborg Hobo Cavemen and altered to work in the context of a game, and dramatically changed in some cases. Got an RPG (action & turn-based) Pack in the works too!
  14. subb'd a bonus. Gonna try and sneak in a vote too!
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