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  1. So, I am sort of melody-bankrupt...since 2015 or so. I might make more original VGM down the line So I compensated by pledging. Hope this helps you achieve your goal mang!!
  2. Looks like I don't need to extend then. We got a 3 entrant round now (so Voter Bonus!). Along with 2 bonuses.
  3. 1 1/2 days to go. I won't be extending, on account of this round needing to conclude (votes included) on 31st...even if it means a default win. But I will try and sit alongside APZX for competition. Hopefully we'll get 1 more in. Been a bit wonky for me this month, but I think I can get something in tomorrow at some point. EDIT) OK, got something up. Anybody else got anything in the works?? I might extend until 11PM tonight. Then we can do a panic vote for 29 and 30th lmao.
  4. https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/972058 Source The muted brass part at 1:20 is possibly too Low-Fi for the OCR Bar. Can someone confirm this? Any other production issues too?
  5. I like this a lot. The chip part at 1:50 is tasty. Wow, nice work on the pitch and portamento on it. I love how it evolves too.
  6. Vote submitted. I really had to debate myself hard on who got slotted where and it still feels like I did an inadequate job, but I guess that means it's been a good round with lots of quality entries lmao.
  7. Just some additional work for the backend functionality, I bopped in to check. Nothing sketchy is happening AFAIK.
  8. Ooo thanks so much. I'm sure it'll be spoooky.
  9. LOL. I blue-screened when I tried to respond to this (edit: Might need to Reformat my PC soon...HD is acting super sketchy). Looks like your software issues have hexed my PC. JK. It's 7 years old...Anyways, I'm super glad you got something in the works and pushed through the technical difficulties for this humble competition.
  10. Oh don't be so dramatic. SilvaGunner is beyond both our skill levels. Or maybe just mine. I prefer the more OverLooked approach. Pun intended. Sue me.
  11. Fair, fair. Ah man that sucks. Hopefully that'll be resolved soon.
  12. Woah, it's been an age. Good to see you again APZX. Thanks!
  13. This is the perfect source tune for campy takes lmao.
  14. I searched pretty extensively, but no YT video of Bowser's Introduction Theme showed up. If anyone can find a video featuring it, please share it here. Thanks!
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