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    Graduated in 2005 to flap my wings and graciously face-plant into the curb. Yeah. Life has always been great to me. Nevertheless, I have an undying passion for music. Listening, creating and remixing. Good times!
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  1. Yeah, the remix name kinda sucks. Couldn't think of a better one. Oh well. Source Tunes Remixed: Item Room, Lower Norfair, Upper Norfair.
  2. Update to YT Video... Bandcamp Spotify Apple Music Amazon Music
  3. Big thanks @Ridley Snipes and @Hemophiliac with helping to make* this banger atmospheric remix come alive! U guys da best~ Source: Sector 4-2 Underwater Area
  4. Sources Remixed: Phendrana Drifts + Edge (Both areas)
  5. Now available for use in Indie Games. Get it here! https://hoboka.itch.io/grim-dark-works-of-doominess-vgm-bundle Playlist for Category Themes...
  6. Hey http://williammichael.info/aocc/ seems to be down. Is it a maintenance thing or?
  7. Changed to @realHoboKa from @HoboKa_Music, if you guys can add that in to my Profile/Metadata whenever it is possible. Cheers~
  8. Oh god...why have you summoned my name? And this all happened maybe a month or two after I went into OCR's Discord and boasted, "YEAH I made it guys, I'm sooooo pro now!" (or something along those lines)... Then BAM two rejections. The Judge Panel really keeps you on your toes here, Jebus Miste.
  9. Updated the video! Also, thanks for posting this collab-mix, and for promoting my albums OCR!! 😎
  10. nvm chose to rescind update for time being. Updated cover art for other distribution channels, but keeping my YT video same for time being...
  11. Results In 1st place with 11 points: HarlemHeat360 In 2nd place with 10 points: APZX In 3rd place with 6 points: HoboKa In 4th place with 4 points: Souperion In 5th place with 3 points: TheVideoGamer** And the last place hero with 1 point: Shid0 No BONUS this round, I believe. @HarlemHeat360, since you won Round 135, submit me your source-pick (or add me to source-pick PM with TheVideoGamer if you already made one). @APZX, since you won 2nd place, you'll be the Double-Dose Source-Tune picker for Round 137. (Keeping in step with @TheVideoGamer's plans of a Double Dose Round, so this is the best option to go forward with that.) Comments: Nice round everybody, and apologies to @TheVideoGamer for my less-than-constructive feedback on your* entry. I was not in a good head-space and should have sat on that before I hit the CONFIRM button 😵. Also, next time you think there is going to be a major delay in an MnP Compo Update Post, please feel free to PM or @ me at OCR forum. Thanks!! Please refer to @TheVideoGamer's Results Post. Thanks!! The issue has been sorted out more or less, it seems.
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