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  1. Hey, I noticed your interest in my F-Zero remix, and recently I've been working on it alot - thought you'd like to see what I've done lately. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=806323#post806323

  2. This song has been a WIP for so long, and seen many changes. I previously posted maybe half a year ago (?) with the same one, but this... this blows it away. highly advise giving this a look, and constructive criticism / possible help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Throughout making this I wanted to see what people would think of it. The song itself has been done for over 3 months but I haven't been on in a while; and would greatly appreciate anyone to listen and comment. http://tindeck.com/listen/zooy p.s. tindeck may lower the actual quality of the song
  4. I have finished.... most of this; now I just need to play the guitar myself, and put it into the song. updated a mimic of how I'm going to play guitar onto the track, for the most part. All of the notes are correct on how I will play them, but it will sound alot different considering gain / unique sound of a real instrument. the only thing I may change of the song is the backing rhythm guitar for the synth solo (2nd playthrough) Apart from that, I didn't want just a useless bump "because I'm desperately anxious" , just notifying that I'm still working on it. any comments of the newer material would be greatly appreciated! I forgot! I'm also planning to add an ending solo during the double timed breakdown. Yeah, definitely forgot about it.
  5. This is far from done, I've got guitar recordings planned for this piece for sure. I fixed some major production problems from before, but in no way am I finished. In this version there's an example of the rhythm guitar I'm going to record; plus more later on from that as well, possibly a lead in there along with the rhythm. I'm not changing any of the original synth solo any more, unless something comes up that needs to be fixed. Please check out this newest version.
  6. considering it's original.. it sounds awesome with the flow of the song. I'd like to hear more of it. assuming chiptune 2.0 is supposed to be a chip-sound sorta thing, it sounds great. The kick is comes with that deep bass along with it, which changes it up from a more retro feel; if you want to capture the chippy-ness of it (haha) something could change about that kick, but I'm not exactly sure
  7. -failed, meant to post in thread-

  8. I've restarted and copied all the tracks to another save, piece by piece, so it's got a fresh EQ on everything. 2 things for the first 2 I restated up there: both of those statements go against each other.. If it were a midi rip, then it would/should be the original source. Plus, I made it all from scratch; it's more challenging and more rewarding like that, hehe. - Guitar samples are not good : I do know this; I've been trying to find a good way to keep a good quality recording for my own guitar playing. The bass I have changed alot, actually; so it's got a somewhat new feel to it. I've changed the drums up a bit, too; specifically kick drum areas where they needed to be, and changed ride/ louder un-needed parts back to the way they should be. I don't have a current version yet, but I'm going to clean it up alot. the next time a new version will be posted, it should also have real guitar in it as well. (exception: I suck and can only play decently hard rhythm parts) So.. be sure to watch for an update, it's been alot of help so far!
  9. It's so hard to perfect it I fixed some stuff and it does sound better, but horribly screwed it up in the equalizer.. and don't want to save it, yet need to keep some of the sequences.. Woo! Ok, after some more EQ editing I got it to this:
  10. I think setting the master volume to 110% may have decreased the quality of all the sound, if so I changed it back to 100% and slightly edited the ending to where the synth guitar isn't as loud, so it should be much better I'm still thinking of editing part of the original solo (2nd playthrough) when it's the build-up on one of the guitars, I may have it panning in and out during that short sequence. Can you define more on how production isn't too good? I'm not trying to say it isn't, because I honestly haven't been making music long enough to know some essentials as this.
  11. thanks for the advice, I'm still trying to learn what I can for making music, so anything helps
  12. It sounds pretty good for sure. At first, I didn't notice what it was from; you may want to add in some more of the synth background (the icy-feeling you get when listening to it) as maybe a clean guitar or something, it would make it more known from the source. Just my suggestion
  13. Inspired by the Gradius 3 OCReMix, Declaration of War - by OA & Scaredsim enjoy! http://tindeck.com/listen/fegs
  14. As if there hasn't been any remixes of this song, including several from the original makers of it. That being said it seems intimidating - yet I still had a small project out of it. I've already sent in a submission for it, but this is actually a more recent version, I hope everyone enjoys it!
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