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  1. Hey all, it's been a while since I've been here. I have a piano waltz remix of the Village and Town themes from the SNES version of SimCity and was hoping for some constructive criticism and evaluation of this track. I've only done a little effect work, and while it's not dry, it's not polished either - but that will be fixed. Mostly looking for critiques of the arrangement and content. Thanks for listening! Valse de SimCity: https://soundcloud.com/ryan-joseph-miller/valse-de-simcitywip Sources: Village - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPcP8MRh8r4 Town - https://www.yo
  2. Thanks again for the feedback everyone. In this newest update, I tried a different guitar sample and tried to humanize it a bit more. Made some other adjustments to volume levels and I also added a new part later in the mix. Please let me know what you think! I certainly appreciate it!
  3. Thank you all for the prompt feedback. I don't have too many options to change the guitar sample. A lot of what I have access to sounds the same, so I'm not sure where to go with that quite yet. However, I did modify the release so (hopefully) it sounds more organic and less robotic. I changed the e-piano sound to something with less brightness at the top end. Some minor changes to quantization. I didn't want to do too much and have it sound sloppy. Minor adjustment to djembe crescendo. I appreciate your feedback guys! So so much!
  4. Hello all. This is a mix I have had for years and years, but I didn't really work to get it polished. It's complete and I'm looking for opinions or suggestions, as I'd like to have it considered for admission to the site. It's a remix of a very short theme, the menu select from Mario 64. Please give it a listen! Thanks! Source: http://youtu.be/2HhdZMpSvXg Remix: https://soundcloud.com/ryan-joseph-miller/file-select-v9-5-sm64-file
  5. Pros: I really like the synthy brass instruments you have playing the initial chord arps/stabs. In fact, the general sound of the song really does it for me. It sounds almost ethereal with a little bit of an edge. I love the atmosphere! Especially that wobbly pitched synth. The piano really lends itself well on top of the synth sounds you have. I can't say any more how much I enjoy the sound. The drums give this an easy groove and I think the sound you have achieved with the drums really complements the rest of the track. I found myself bobbing my head while listening to this mix. Co
  6. Pros: It is refreshing to hear this theme (The Day the World Revived) included in a mix. It's a beautiful, albeit short, track from a beloved game. I really like the atmospheric sound you have, namely the stuttered bells throughout the track and the pianoish/bell chords you lay down. The gated synths give this a nice electronic feel too. Cons: The drums here are the most glaring issue with the song. The rest of the mix sounds inspired and you've paid attention to the sounds you create. The drums, on the other hand, sound plain, boring, and are not dynamic at all. It sounds very much l
  7. timaeus is right. This track is really, REALLY loud and the parts are not clear. It makes it difficult to hear the source usage. It sounds like you have some cool stuff going on (I am clueless about metal), but the song just sounds smashed, muddy, and loud. Perhaps bringing the volume down some and doing some EQ cutting like timaeus suggested would clear it up. I'd like to hear what you do with it. This is a creative take on a timeless theme that has been done over and over and over. It's a refreshing style for the source. Just don't blow my ears up!
  8. Pros: I think the intro is pretty sick. I feel like you're winding up for a drop at around :08, but the track keeps chugging along. It works, but I think you can REALLY amp up the excitement here. The synth blips, slides, and whatever other madness that is at 0:54 is super sweet! I think the phasing lead sound you have in the beginning carries the melodic line fairly well. Just be careful not to overload us with that sound. I like the slightly detuned bass sound in the beginning. I feel like as the song progresses it could really benefit by morphing that sound into a razor sharp saw or
  9. Hello all! I've made a few updates to this track, namely adding sax parts, trying to shuffle up the repetitive drum tracks, and fleshing out the mix. A few things to note: The transition from 3/4 to 4/4 is still rough. I haven't yet decided how I want the mix to make the switch, but it's there. The intro is a bit long at :40, but I tried to bring out the source melody a bit more so it is more easily recognizable. I changed the chord structure a teeny bit. It may not be enough yet to keep it interesting, but I'm trying and open to suggestions. Please let me know what you think! I'm exc
  10. Derp. My mistake. Apparently I completely ignored OP's parentheses. So, ignore the OCR related comments, although I have to admit I didn't know the acronym MnP until now. My apologies for the confusion!
  11. Pros: You've taken some liberty with the soundscape that gives it an open, ambient, metallic, and airy feel as far as some of the fringe instrumentation goes. I think you can do a lot more of this to give the whole song this atmospheric feel with some tweaking of the other sounds and some creativity with the arrangement. The bells and chimes near the end of the song really amplify this effect in my opinion. Cons: The lead instrument sounds really flat and dry. Like a synth organ that hasn't been processed or changed at all. The bass line is pretty bland. I'm not saying it has to be way
  12. Hello OCR. I have another thread to add to this page. I have been toying around with a new style (for me) in FL Studio while awaiting a creative burst and/or feedback on my other WIP here. This is a jazzy take on the Hilltop Chase theme from Kirby Super Star. A few things to note: This is definitely early on in the song. There are a few clipping/compression issues, the time change is still musically wonky, and the track ends before the 2 minute mark. Please let me know what you think of the style and arrangement. I am anxious to see if this is something I should trash or continue. Tha
  13. Thank you! I have been hoping this would gain a little traction again on these forums. Some feedback will help me get things moving again. I would like to complete this and submit it to OCR in the future.
  14. Pros: This is seriously one of the most incredible adaptations of such a readily identifiable video game theme. You have turned this into a majestic and cinematic piece. It is somewhat dark, open, and flighty, as if the listener is truly flying above the world. I can't say enough about how much I love, LOVE L.O.V.E. the arrangement you have. The strings give an incredible amount of depth to the lead melody and lend themselves well to setting the general mood of the piece. The pace picks up at 1:26. It's a nice bump to keep the listener engaged. I know this is a WIP, but by the time the
  15. I am not at all familiar with this game or the source, but I'm going to give this a listen and share what my impressions are. I only mean to provide constructive criticism, so please don't take any of it personally if it sounds harsh. Pros: I really like the percussion and the small nuances you have in the beginning of the track. It really gives it some drive and I found I was immediately bobbing my head to the beat. I hear a faint brassy/bitcrushed brassy stab pattern that gives some depth along with that booming, fat bass. I really, REALLY like the soundscape you've painted up to 0:36
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