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  1. Here are a few crazy clips I've saved over the last few days/weeks: Zombie Minotaur: Poor bestrader getting mauled by a zombie minotaur Acolyte Shooting Gallery: Poor aim, good timing. INCOMING NOVA BOMB: Did not see that one coming.
  2. Partial group photo of last night's raid: We're basically pros at it now; we cleared the Vault of Glass in 1h 35m last night (down from the 4h 52m it took us the first time), and that's even after beating Atheon the normal way instead of knocking him off the ledge. I got nothing but shards loot-wise, unless you count Chatterwhite (for the second time) and a useless arm band. Here's hoping we start getting some raid gear soon. I just hit level 29 so that's the only thing that's going to improve my armor. Nightfall is probably going to have to be solo this week.. the closest we could get Phogot
  3. Didn't get as many photos as I thought, and most of them didn't turn out very cool, but here's one that I think sums up our first Vault of Glass pretty well. We'll have to grab some cooler photos next time! Aside from the shards/energy, I ended up with: Gjallerhorn (Exotic Rocket Launcher) Hezen Vengeance (Legendary Rocket Launcher) Praedyth's Revenge (Legendary Sniper Rifle) We should probably wait until everyone has raid gear or level 29 at least before trying hard mode... get some good practice on normal while we're at it. If you have an exotic helm you'll be able to get to level 30 with
  4. Just the first time. I only got reputation for doing it with you guys the other night, which I suppose isn't too bad. I got like 500 rep

  5. I've started a second warlock so I can complete all of the weeklies a second time -- I'll be completing the Nightfall strike again before it resets Tuesday. Anyone is welcome to join! Sent friend request to HoboKa! I went on a shopping spree and bought Shadow Price (Vanguard Legendary Auto Rifle), Truth from Xûr, and some legendary armor for my second warlock (still only level 3.. might take a day or two to get up to 20). I'm all decked out for the raid aside from leveling up the new gear I got, it should be great. I'm guessing we'll want Void weapons for the raid. Edit: Also, SALVAGE is back
  6. Hey, would we get rewards for every time we do the weekly nightfall, or only the first time? :-D

  7. Still having a blast with the game, thanks to the OCR clan! It's so much more fun playing with a full fireteam. We're looking to complete our roster for Vault of Glass so if anyone is out there still looking for a good time, you should seriously join. New happenings in the world of Destiny and OCR clan: Destroying Septic Grime with bestrader and Lucavi00 on weekly Nightfall bestrader got his exotic Hunter helm from Xûr, finally caught up to me at lvl 27 Dancing on the Moon spire (wearing moon boots, obviously) Dancing with Xûr Keep dancing, Guardians.
  8. Ahhh, I gotcha. You're right, there really is no way to tell if their music "budget" is proportionate to the rest of their budget. That's the fun part of negotiating, huh? In this case, it'd still help to gather all the intel you can on the client.. past projects, any signs of production value, and THEN make your initial offer based on their budget and your findings. As long as everything is still mutually agreeable, then it's a fair deal, right? I'm not even sure if you'd ever have a way of finding out if they could have paid you more.
  9. I dunno.. My issue was with your idea that adjusting rates per client was somehow hurting the industry. Your average client is going to have a general budget range. You either negotiate mutually agreeable terms or the client moves on to someone else who will. That is how all industries work.
  10. I don't think anybody is disagreeing that composers should charge a rate that values their time and skills. But if you aren't able to be rate-flexible depending on the client/project, aren't you going to be missing out on a lot of gigs? This doesn't matter so much if you have a day job (because you won't go broke), but if music is your day job, you need those jobs to survive. So many musicians/composers will take to the internet complaining how overworked and underpaid they are, and how they never find any good producers who actually value their work. They want to try and "fix" the music indu
  11. Went ahead and sent you both friend requests! I'm a warlock, which balances nicely with your titan and hunter characters. I'm pretty much stuck at level 27 until I can gather enough Ascendant Shards to fully upgrade my purple gear.
  12. The first number given in a negotiation will become the central anchor for negotiating. If you have a good idea of what the project's budget is, it could be to your advantage to be the first to throw the anchor. If you're not sure what the budget is, ask the other party. If it sounds like a great deal right off the bat, go for it. If it's lower than you'd like, make an offer that's higher and negotiate down from it. This is assuming you want to be flexible with your rates. If you want to quote all of your clients the exact same price regardless of their budget, you're bound to miss out on a
  13. I joined the PS4 clan the other night and have been representing OCR pretty well in the Crucible! Anyone wanna play some Skirmish sometime?
  14. For flat rate jobs, a good technique I learned at PAX is setting up two different brackets for your clients to fall into. For example, a $50 bracket and a $500 bracket. (small jobs and big jobs) Let's say you think something is in the general "$50 bracket," but you're not sure if they can pay more. High-ball it a bit and say "I normally charge $150 for this, but how much of that do you feel comfortable paying?" That gives you a nice price ceiling to bargain down from, and let's them decide where in their budget they can afford to meet you at. Another good suggestion is to ask what their audio
  15. Sounds like this will suit Metroid very well! Look forward to the full album
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