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  1. Plovianx Beautiful Bloody Bats (Dark Necrobat in Gate's Laboratory [X6]) We are Many, We are One (Boomer Kuwanger in Gate's Laboratory [X6]) Tortured by Dreams (Flame Stag in Gate's Laboratory [X6])
  2. plovianx Straight Outta RAGE (Flame Stag in Sigma Palace X8) Requiem for a Reploid (Shield Sheldon in Sigma Palace [X8]) Leap of Faith (Vanishing Gungaroo in Sigma Palace [X8])
  3. plovianx Wrong Boss Room (Burn Dinorex in Final Weapon [X4]) Space Base (Shining Hotaronicus in Final Weapon [X4]) Release the Kraken (Volt Kraken in Final Weapon [X4])
  4. plovianx Wanderforce (Gravity Antonion in Palace Ground [X]) Electric Moves & Cephalopod Grooves (Volt Kraken in Palace Ground [X]) My Beerly Beerloved (Blizzard Buffalo in Palace Ground [X])
  5. Well, the enthusiasm in the room is palpable. To spice things up, I'll be taking bets on the number of no-shows per round. I'm currently giving 9-1 odds on 100% participation for this current round.
  6. No, it wasn't serious. I also didn't seriously believe that Emunator is busy with Dixie Kong and that Flexstyle is busy with Kiddie Kong (at least I sincerely hope not). Like Gario said, we just don't see enough of you anymore.
  7. Hey, can we wrap this one up since Theory of N signed up for that new FL compo that starts on December 16?
  8. I think the album hasn't been released yet because The Crystal Key is Broken. I think I saw Theophany Breaking the Crystal Key. Is someone checking into that?
  9. Alright, so when is this championship thing gonna happen?
  10. Am I the only one that is hearing Sir_NutS's song as a lot of static?
  11. It's interesting that, even though so many people have commented on how close their vote was on the WildFire/Ben Briggs matchup, nearly everyone has voted for Benjamin Briggs. I guess it's not as close as people say
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