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  1. Just checking in with this project. Man it's been quite a while, but I'm JUST as excited as year ago, if not MORE, that this album will be releasing. FFIX had the best music from the series, and I'm sure that these remixes will totally make it shine once more!! Best of luck.
  2. Like most of the others, I don't know the game, or the original song, but the first time I heard this ReMix I was captivated. I had to hear it again, and find out what game this song was from, etc. The dynamic quality of the song and high energy was just astounding. The lyrics are appropriate, and add greatly to the mood. This is one of the few that has earned status of me coming back to it... again and again to listen for years now since it was first released. Excellent job; I would love to see more ReMixes from this artist.
  3. Just dropping by to express my amazement and happiness from discovering that there is a FFIX remix album in the making! I am eagerly waiting in anticipation for the release of it. FFIX is one of my favorite FFs out there; don't let me down, guys!!! xD This will be epic. -reeeeeeeally looking forward to Immoral Melody and Dark Messenger remixes in particular, haha- The most I've seen of those 2 songs elsewhere is rock renditions. Anyways... THANK YOU to all the awesome, talented remixers that make these albums! It would never happen without you guys! :'D
  4. I've been following this thread since it was announced back around 2009, and I just wanted to drop by now since it's getting closer to the due date, and say you all are SO AWESOME for making this album! I can't believe it's almost done, too. I wish I could remix but I am more of a music appreciator than anything else. xD I've been a fan of Wild ARMs since I was a little kid, playing Wild ARMs 1 when it first came out ages ago... so to now see so many amazing remixers taking interest in it after such a long time makes me incredibly excited all over again! It really is such a great game with an amazing soundtrack haha. Thank you, guys!
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