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  1. Lafayette College is supposed to record this for me soon, but they are also having me transcribe the Video Games Live arrangement and arrange it for a full marching field show for next year. I wanted to stay true to the original tune, as I usually do, but the beautiful thing about marching band, I had a lot of room to play with the drums. Not the best sounding thing in the world but I only play off of Sibelius until I get recordings from real bands. http://soundcloud.com/mrtrent/megaman-2-dr-wily-stage-1-for
  2. mmmm...well...bodies are illegal in most states...but....nah I don't really have anything to offer other than maybe help in return for other projects or consultation on orchestration. People assume that having advanced libraries and whatever you said probably because they have now experience in sequencing at all, like myself. The arrangement is supposed to be a loop, which would explain the repetitiveness. Like being in the great fairy fountain, you would hear the same bit over and over, well that was what I was going for. If I intended for people( with the exception of the vocalist) to perform this or make it a real song, I assure you, there would be a lot more variation . I would keep the instrumentation, because for that style, I like it small and close knit, though I might throw a keyboard in there for good measure. If you could elaborate on the arrangement being weak ( with the obvious exception that it repeats) I would appreciate that, I got nothing when I posted this in the remix thread. What are jazz comps?
  3. I recorded this lovely singer a few months ago against a jazz arrangement recording of the great fairy theme and what other names it goes by from the zelda games, I made with sibelius. I'd like to get a better sounding ...sound...if anyone wants to use their sound library. Yes, I am asking you to do my work for me if that's how you want to think of it. I don't have the money to buy those libraries, I just write music, but If you want to collaborate and make an awesome sounding piece with me, let me know! here is the recording up to this point http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rq0lJASC9Ao
  4. Tetris A Theme I arranged for a concert wind's band. Let me know what you guys think. I really tried to have it not be exactly like all the other orchestral arrangements. So far I have been lucky and haven't heard an ending bar like mine...as far as I know. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjDnVMBIcjU
  5. For all intensive purposes this is complete, but I still need to add a theme from Mario Sunshine and maybe Mario World. This was based off of many medley's and the first over world theme is the usual orchestra one everyone hears. This is just a rehearsal recording of an orchestra performing my arrangement so there are missing musicians including the entire percussion section. There is supposed to be an awesome drum set part. They will be performing this in a month or 2. http://soundcloud.com/mrtrent/mario-through-the-years http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0ceIQuQFDA
  6. sure go ahead, i'd love to hear anything, other than I need more realistic sounding instruments and my singer to not be flat =P
  7. This is something I whipped up in a few hours that I thought of while I was in the shower. Inspired by that one part from the Scott Pilgrim film. Vocals provided by Stephanie Deer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rq0lJASC9Ao
  8. This is an arrangement of mine for big band, based off of the Orchestral Game Concert Album's arrangement for orchestra. This style of jazz was influenced by Benny Goodman's " Sing Sing Sing" and the drum stylings of Gene Krupa. This school's drummer was very prominent so the intro drum solo was extended as was the middle solo. The middle solo was originally written to be followed by a solo section for the other instruments. This file includes the entire audio of the performance, and the youtube video of the recording of the performance has cut the intro solo in half. http://soundcloud.com/mrtrent/donkey-kong-country-jungle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxwKI5-dPOk
  9. those of you who expressed interest i sent you personal messages!
  10. hey man, shoot me your email address and i'll send you the pdf files for the parts and a click track to record to, and another one with all of the synth instruments playing if you need to hear.

  11. Glad to have you on board! Send me your email address and I'll send you the click track and sheet music. Don't worry, I don't have my heart set on this or anything. I am leaving everything up to each individual player to do their own part. If they don't , then oh well. I don't have any deadline or anything.
  12. If you want to give it a try be my guest =) I'm not going to be picky on this project ! Just PM me your email address and I'll shoot the sheet music to you. If you record anything, great, and if not, thats alright too!
  13. I want to attempt to recruit several musicians who play orchestral instruments to individually record the parts for their instrument I have written for my arrangement of the Sonic 3 boss theme. The plan is pretty noncommittal. If you play an instrument, I send you the sheet music and a click track. You play to that track ( so that everyone recording is playing at the same tempo) and record yourself until you think you have the best recording possible, send it to me, then I'll mix all of the different parts together and see what we come up with. Obviously there will be varying sound qualities, but I want to give it a try. At least everyone should be on the same tempo! Does anyone want to partake in this experiment? If you are, I would prefer you message me here or on my youtube account. Youtube.com/mrtrent here is the piece I have in mind. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yVaS5MGIXU Oh...I would really only need one person for each instrument. You would record all the parts for your instrument though. For example, I only need one F horn player, and he or she would record F Horn 1,2,3 and 4. A violin player would just play their part by themselves and we would duplicate the track several times for the string section feel. The instrumentation is... Flute 1 Flute 2/Piccolo Oboe 1 Oboe 2 Clarinet 1 Clarinet 2 Bassoon 1 Bassoon 2 F Horn 1,2,3,4 Bb Trumpet 1,2,3 Trombone 1,2 Bass Trombone Tuba Timpani Drum Set Percussion 1, 2 Harp Violin section 1 Violin section 2 Viola section Violincello section Double Bass Section
  14. I have added a new youtube video of the performance of this piece live
  15. Good advice in the orchestra thing. Though There shouldn't be a problem with this orchestra, or else I'd be more worried if I were the Zelda Re orchestrated group who have similar, and bigger orchestra endeavors coming up. I am pretty well versed in the limitations of orchestras, particularly the more experienced ones. The F horns are more than capable enough to produce a good sound doing that sort of technique. I have heard it used in several film scores and original pieces. For example here in Frank Ticheli's "Cajun Folk Songs" at the 2:57 mark
  16. Truth be told, it is extremely similar to the original, but there are parts, though they don't shine to well with my lame synth, that I added in there of my own. Technically speaking though, almost any addition would make it an arrangement, particularly the percussion section I added.
  17. I'll let the band know that! And I'll try to write out some bars that are written other than what was originally in the game. What is a good place to upload mp3s so you guys can download, that won't charge me?
  18. This is a piece I arranged for orchestra. These aren't the best sound samples, I know. I am not a sequencer. I write my arrangements with the intention for them to be performed. I really just make the sound files so that people can get an idea of what it will sound like. I haven't had this piece performed yet, though I'd like to! I'm currently trying to get funds together to hire an orchestra...so any help you guys can give me, by donating or forwarding my link would be most helpful! Composed by Various Arranged by Cody "MrTrent" Chavez MP3 http://soundcloud.com/mrtrent/sonic-the-hedgehog-3-final donation thing to help me hire an orchestra https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/168850550/hire-an-orchestra-to-play-video-game-music
  19. Thanks for the kind words! I can't speak for the band myself, but last word I got from them, they did want to do another recording of it, without a scat solo. I myself do not have any local bands to record my arrangements with, so I have to rely on whatever bands are out there somewhere that I send my arrangements to.
  20. This was included in my NES medley but it is the same orchestration and arrangement. Arranged by Richard Jacques and Cody Chavez Inspired by Video Games Live Performed by the St. Mary's University Winds Orchestra http://soundcloud.com/mrtrent/punch-out-nes-ending-theme-for
  21. This was included in my NES medley but it is the same orchestration and arrangement. Arranged by Richard Jacques and Cody Chavez Inspired by Video Games Live Performed by the St. Mary's University Winds Orchestra http://soundcloud.com/mrtrent/punch-out-nes-ending-theme-for
  22. Mp3 is now available in the original post
  23. Thanks for the kind words! I'll take into mind what you said about letting the sax let loose. This was my first big band arrangement so the actual score is pretty simply. Melody-solo section-melody/ending. If there was only solo the song would probably only be 50 seconds to a minute. Fun trivia...last year a British burlesque dancer used my song in her Sonic themed dance. Look up " sonic burlesque" on youtube.
  24. big band arrangement of Sonic the Hedgehog 2's Casino Night Zone. This version has the bass in it! performed by the Nick Coates Orchestra. arranged by Cody "MrTrent" Chavez Composed by Masato Nakamura Nick Coates - Saxes, Charlie Miller - Trumpets, Piano, Scat solo, Mike Green - Trombones, Frank Coates - Guitar Philip Nguyen- Bass Recording/mixing-Nick Coats Recording/mixing-Glen Chu Message me if you are interested in the sheet music The instrumentation is: Alto 1 Alto 2 Tenor 1 Tenor 2 Trumpet 1,2,3,4 Trombone 1,2,3,4 Guitar Bass Drums Piano it is just missing a real drummer Dedicated to Tommy Tallarico, Jack Wall, and Becky Young http://soundcloud.com/mrtrent/casino-night-big-band
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