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  1. I was requested to create an orchestration of Aerith's theme from FF7 for an orchestra, and wanted to stray away from copying the Tour de Japon, so I didn't listen to it till after I finished most of my arrangement, which I wanted to stay true to the original game theme. This is the first rehearsal of the piece. They are performing it this Friday. I will upload an MP3 when that recording becomes available. -MrTrent Composed by Nobuo Uematsu Arranged and Orchestrated by Cody "MrTrent" Chavez Performed by the ANIMATISSIMO Chamber Orchestra Conducted by Gabriel Vizcarra http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkgdvbnw9MQ New video of the performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn1jvFlo5NU
  2. Most certainly! That would be excellent. I have a couple other arrangements as well for mario, sonic, and hopefully soon to be Legend of Zelda. You can hear midi versions of those on my youtube page. Also some jazzy big band arrangements!
  3. It was inspired by it! Plus the classic arcade medley of Video Games Live. The balloon fight, ice climber, and metroid sections were inspired by that concert, smashing live, and mega man 2, duck hunt, and ghosts n goblics was inspired by Video Games Live. Punch out was also from VGL but I expanded it to fit the NES version of the ending theme. Kid Icarus, Final Fantasy, Ninja Gaiden, and Tetris were my own ideas that I tried very much not to borrow any from anyone else.
  4. This is one that I thought up in a day, just continuously fiddling around on the keyboard, followed by a day of orchestrating it. Inspired by the works of Elliot Goldenthal. I would really love to get an actual orchestra to play.
  5. Well I'm glad you guys enjoyed the arrangement! I was just happy to finally hear one of my arrangements performed ( I've been passing out sheet music for 5 years), but yeah, I would love to have something recorded in studio. It could have been much more. I was a little disappointed that they changed some of the tempos of some songs, putting it out of sync with the video that I provided for them ( at the end of balloon fight you can hear the audience laughing from the balloon pop noise syncing with the fighters balloon popping, and him falling into the water). But the one thing that got me...the piccolo player messed up her ONE solo in kid Icarus! haha
  6. This is an arrangement I created with some help from award winning video game composer, Richard Jacques, who has worked with Video Games Live to bring us the Sonic Medley and Classic Arcade Medley, on which this arrangement is based. Here is the mp3 http://soundcloud.com/mrtrent/nes-concert-winds-medley This can really only be enjoyed by watching it live though. I designed a video to be synced with what the band is playing, but they changed some tempos so it gets out of sync around megaman. Performed by the St. Mary's University Concert Band http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5yoCIOjKgA
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