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  1. Yo. I'm pretty new here (as well as to making music in general), so please bear with me if I seem like a complete n00b. Been working on a few songs that are intended to be used on a game I may or may not ever finish. Here's the one I think is closest to "completion" right now. Anyway, it's my first real work, so I'd like any kind of comments and criticism I can get (as well as any suggestions as to what to do if there's something that needs to be added/changed.) Thanks in advance!
  2. Sup. Douhneill (pronounced do-kneel) here. I'm working on making some sort of game in my spare time. Wasn't expecting on trying to work on my own music, but then my friend gave me his copy of Reason and said "go crazy". So I did. My stuff isn't too good yet, but that's why I'm here. Nice to meet you all. Also, where do I go to get criticism and stuff on my work? It's annoying listening to stuff I've made and having no clue how to "fill it".