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  1. Hi there Squint. I'd just like to start off by saying that I absolutely LOVE your piano work. I've been learning the piano now for a couple of years and would really like to learn your rendition of Outskirts of Time, AKA To Far Away Inspirations. So the leads me to my main question:

    Was there ever sheets made for 'To Far Away Inspirations'? and if not, could there ever possibly be? I mean, it's a really great tune. I would love to play it.

    Thanks for the great songs.

  2. I've actually been lurking OCR for quite some time, and this mix was the one to get me to sign up to comment. I love the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack and think what you have done with this song is great, and sticks to the roots very well too. Would really hope to see a finalized version of this song.
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