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  1. With all of the remixes on various Megaman games and series we've seen this year, I figure now would be the best time for it.
  2. I'm sorry I didn't mean to take away from your thread or anything. I just figured I should have brought it up being that it was such good music. The only thing I wanted to do was try to get some awesome remixes for it on the site, so sorry for taking your thread.
  3. Thanks for supporting the thread guys. Those remixes by NintenJoe64 are awesome, and Boundless network was one of my favorite BN1 tunes. Also, Numberman's stage was pretty sweet Servbot#36 posted some great music from the series too, and like he said. "Anything in any style from the Battle Network series would be pretty cool, there's currently nothing on OCReMix yet." Edit: Can't stop listening to Kotobuki Building Computer. Thanks for reminding me about this one Servbot#36.
  4. I've been listening to music on this site for about a couple years now and I love all of the Megaman remixes on this site. As much as I love Megaman, I've always appreciated the Battle Network series the most. It has some amazing music in it just waiting to be remixed. Anyway, my request is that someone do a remix of anything from MMBN1-4(Those are where I think the best music would come from). If someone would fulfill this request it would mean the world to me, because those games are my favorite out of everything that I've played. Also I really don't mind the genre, It doesn't have to be techno like in the game, for instance on one of the battle network soundtracks there was a beautiful remix of the "Tree of Life" music. Anyway, if you take this request have fun with it, you could even do a medley of multiple tracks, or you can choose one that really speaks out to you. Lastly, and if choose another game I'll be fine with it, my favorite Battle network is number 3. Thank you for your time, and I hope something wonderful comes out of this.
  5. Uematsu makes deep music that really immerses you in the game, so much to the point where hearing his music can bring you back to the the feeling you had at a particular point in the game.