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    Im back, finally! im getting better at beat slicing, making and, remixing!
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  1. Yes i do, but before you post anything... i need to send you the mix again. that wont be for a while... sorry for the huge latency.

  2. Yo dude, you still want sax for your BT&DD mix? I'm finally done school so I've plenty of time to lay some licks down. Also I think your thread got purged from the active ones; I had to find it in the archive: http://ocremix.org/forums/archive/index.php/t-32840.html

  3. yes put it in the end part.. also put another in the where the e.piano and guitar meet at about 2:40 perhaps what type of audio track software do u use?
  4. I know, right?! At the beginning, to me at least, it sounds just like groovy elevator music. Just imagine if you use the elevators in BTDD, it would play that same beginning music soundscape, and then the song would get back into groove again when your done using that elevator! It's like going up levels and stages in both ways inside one whole freakin' level!!! That would be Awesomopottamus!!
  5. well probably a solo in the beginning where the E. Piano comes in at about 0:58 and/or where the Guitar and the E. Piano play at about 2:41.... both for about 8 bars in length or such
  6. Dude, I need your sexeh saxeh assistance with that sexeh sax of yours to collab on a remix i'm doing for the second level of Battletoads & Double Dragon! I posted this in the "post your remixes" section! You probably saw it already. I'll bring you the original file later if thats alright with you.

  7. Update! i added a little guitar in there! and dont worry... the sax will be in there soon!
  8. alright. thanks for the info, that was needed!
  9. Check this out! Above all else the 2 quotes at 0:00 and at 5:25 are EPIC! What do you guys think? I thinks it's pretty bad-ass... Hands down??
  10. well, its actually a certain part of level 2 from the nes version, but with no triangle bass. same for the beginning, thats also another "chip clip" from the nes version of level 2 of bt&dd.
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