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  1. Interview: The music of Retro City Rampage Feature interview article by Destructoid on the Retro City Rampage soundtrack: Interview: The music of Retro City Rampage We'll be coming out with updates on the soundtrack over the next while, so if you like the music you can stay tuned to @VideoGameAudio on twitter for details. Leonard / Freaky DNA
  2. Thanks for including us on #5: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=119149074876210 Plenty of free songs here: http://retrocityrampage.com/music.php Bandcamp sales here: http://retrocityrampage.bandcamp.com - Freaky DNA
  3. Thanks to all who entered the Retro City Rampage Remix Competition! It wasn't an easy thing for us to figure out how to finalize the rankings with such great entries. The contest results are posted on: http://retrocityrampage.com/remix.php Stay tuned for further details on the possibility of a soundtrack release sometime this summer..!
  4. Tomorrow is the last day to get your entry in for the Retro City Rampage Remix Competition: http://www.retrocityrampage.com/remix.php Entries must be submitted by 11:59pm PST March 28th, 2011. @Nutritious - Looking forward to hearing the remix !
  5. @Crowbar Man: Thanks for the kudos - translating that particular .IT into an .MID was definitely nontrivial. Thanks to Mazedude for the earlier .MID as well. Looking forward to more great entries from the OCRemix community - especially tracker remixes ! -fDNA
  6. Remix virt's Theme music to Retro City Rampage by March 28th, 2011 for chance to Win $400+ in Prizes! Main details are here: http://www.retrocityrampage.com/remix.php OCRemix Thread : http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=33089 Impulse Tracker / Open MPT Source (Suggested): http://www.retrocityrampage.com/downloads/Retro_City_Rampage-Soundtrack_Remix-TitleSong-ImpulseTrackerSource.IT ----- ----- The first place winner will receive a Soundcloud Pro account (€250/$340 USD) and the 2nd and 3rd place remixers will win a Lite account (€29/$40 USD). This is in addition to the signed cart
  7. Just one week left for the Retro City Rampage Remix Competition. DUE: Monday March 28th. I've attached a MIDI file that is an approximation of virt's original score in .it format. It attempts to preserve the volume modulation, note cuts and the many pitch bends. It does not try to capture the pulse width modulations, slight variations in plucked and normal instrumentation and a few other finer details. There's likely some errors as I needed to (painstakingly/carefully) transcribe it bend-by-bend by hand in an effort to get even more people to try to remix the song. The MIDI format has diffic
  8. Less than two weeks left to win the RetroCR Remix Compo $400+ in prizes ! Details : http://www.retrocityrampage.com/remix.php Entries already streaming in & looking forward to hearing your entry soon ! Join the Retro City Rampage Group and listen to some of the entries to beat : http://soundcloud.com/groups/retro-city-rampage-remix-competition We'd be more than happy if you submit the .it to us on our page and we can upload it to the SoundCloud if you don't have an account. - fDNA
  9. For anyone that's at GDC, make sure to check out a demo of the game (March 2-4, 2011). Brian will also be giving a talk as well (Tuesday 1:45- 2:45, March 1st, 2011): http://retrocityrampage.com/blog/2011/02/long-awaited-grand-theftendo-to-finally-be-revealed-gdc/ We've been receiving some strong remix entries via SoundCloud and looking forward to hearing some more .it remixes as well!
  10. If you're not familiar with .IT files, using ReViSiT is a good option: http://www.nashnet.co.uk/english/revisit/default.asp You could also try to "Export as MIDI..." from within ModPlugTracker but I'm not sure how accurate it is. As Crowbar Man says, it's good to also listen to the song and figure it out by ear, but the .IT file is nice to have as a reference. The .IT is a great learning tool as it's getting more rare these days to have the source available for pro composers like Virt ! -fDNA
  11. @sggod89: We've actually done better than post the MIDI file for the remix competition for Retro City Rampage - we've posted the .IT file here: http://bit.ly/hPEDXi This means you get not only all the notes but all the effects and instruments as well from Virt which is a pretty sweet deal..! The direct link is here: http://www.retrocityrampage.com/downloads/Retro_City_Rampage-Soundtrack_Remix-TitleSong-ImpulseTrackerSource.IT Cheers, fDNA
  12. @Crowbar Man : Depending on how this contest goes for us we might consider putting together another remix contest in the future.
  13. @Brandon Strader : Unfortunately, the prizes aren't negotiable. What was quite cool about this relaunch is that SoundCloud approached us and offered the prizes. Feel free to enter multiple mixes and try to win all three prizes though.
  14. The details are on this thread: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=749185
  15. With some help from the gracious folks at Soundcloud, we've been able to sweeten the pot for everyone remixing the Retro City Rampage title song. The first place winner will now receive a Soundcloud Pro account (€250/$340 USD) and the 2nd and 3rd place remixers will win a Lite account (€29/$40 USD). This is in addition to the signed cartridge case for the first place winner and signed cartridge stickers for the 2nd and 3rd place contestants already offered in the contest. For those of you that need a bit more time, we've also extended the contest deadline by two weeks to March 28, 20
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