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  1. I didn't make it, nor did I get it at any higher quality. I figured I'd rather post it up that way than not at all. A few of us are seeing if we can get it full res.
  2. Figured I'd share this. EDIT: I KNEW IT! Both Jill and Shuma, leaked photos showing both in action, for those that said there is nothing of them in the engine. Definitely loving the Chaos Dimension.
  3. It was done on a live stream, then put on youtube. Those that were there claim there wasn't any handicap adjustment, so...wow...
  4. I atleast backed up everything I said rather than pointing out a statement and going "YUR TARDED, OLOLOL". This is why a few of us make our own arcade sticks. For $200 we can get quality parts to do up 4 of these things. I'm not sure if Phoenix is meant to be this weak but if she is, be careful using her. A hit from Hulk into a single super and Phoenix goes from full health to dead.
  5. Ah, children these days. Anything else? Care to prove me wrong on anything? Then again, maybe just keeping quiet will be better off for you, as you really have no argument any more. Next time, don't go out of your way to try to mock someone unless you can back it up.
  6. Yeah, you're right, I have no evidence to support it. Except that RE5, a Capcom released game, had DLC that was right on the disc. Except that Street Fighter IV, a Capcom released game, had DLC right on the disc. Except Dead Rising (just found this out), a Capcom released game, had DLC right on the disc. It's called deductive reasoning. What was Einstein's definition of insanity? "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". Like, expecting Capcom won't put the DLC for completed characters onto the game. But you're right, I have no supporting evidence that Capcom is a company that does things like that at all. To include an admission from the Senior VP, Christian Svensson, that they've done that. My turn to
  7. You're adorable. Here, let me help you... (If that last part hurts your brain, none of this is saying that unfinished characters get put on, but that DLC has been already put onto discs prior to release, which I proved over and over and over. Use some intelligence if you have any.) (Further proof) Of course no one believes unfinished characters will get put on the disc. Think, fucker, think! I promise you if you try, you'll realize that. The claim is that they ARE finished and ARE on the disc. They don't release that info right away because it's better to release it closer to the time that they release the DLC. Right now they want people focusing on the main game itself. Oh my god, I didn't see all of the info on the Street Fighter IV DLC until it was about to come out, IT MUST NOT BE ON THE DISC! Oh wait, it was.
  8. Oh my god, you have to be retarded. What makes you think they are unfinished? What in your right mind makes you think they don't already have it done, on disc, waiting to be released. Seriously. Show me where you have it on good authority it's not done. Use a little logic for fucks sake. Capcom has a history of putting DLC already built into the disc. Capcom is releasing "DLC" characters. What is the likelyhood that those DLC characters are "unfinished"? Hear, you want to talk about reading? Read up: http://kotaku.com/5202917/rumor-resident-evil-5s-versus-mode-was-yes-on-the-disc-all-along http://kotaku.com/5459184/developer-calls-bs-on-disc+based-dlc-unlocks http://kotaku.com/5492303/bioshock-2s-dlc-is-on-the-disc-to-keep-us-all-together (and no shit this isn't Capcom, it's just further proof that companies do it, before you try to use this as your next argument) Oh, and Capcom even LIED about the RE5 DLC not being on the disc, then turned around and admitted it was. Same with Street Fighter IV. So again, I ask, what was your argument again? No shit they won't put unfinished characters on the disc...that probably means...they're already finished?
  9. And to that, I pointed out that many games have had DLC on the disc before release, especially Capcom. Someone agreed and you called them retarded because somehow you thought they meant they put unfinished characters on a disc, or whatever else you misunderstood it to be. Point being, Capcom has done this before. They've admitted to doing it before. I can show that they not only have, but even admit to doing it (see my last post if you're not too busy trying to pick one portion of my statement and then "make me look stupid" for it). You made the statement that somehow they'd put unfinished DLC on a disc, not me. Of course they wouldn't put unfinished DLC on a disc. They will, however, put finished DLC on a disc, and have done so, leading me to believe that it's already done and on disc. They did this with RE5, they did it with Street Fighter IV, and I'm sure if I looked a little more I could find other DLCs that did the same exact thing. So, what was your argument again?
  10. Neither myself, nor the other person you were calling out on being wrong, said that they were unfinished, which is exactly what I said. I never said noone did and you were the first one to respond to me saying it was unfinished. Plus, at this point, you're arguing semantics because your ass got proven wrong. Yes, god forbid, I didn't give proper fucking credit to every single person that made the same argument, especially when you called out someone for it that wasn't agreeing with you. Care to nitpick any deeper or are you content with your side of this dwindling to "I'm not the only one that said something speculative just so we don't focus on other things you've proven me wrong on"? Also, one other thing: http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2009/mar/19/capcom-explains-why-alt-outfits-were-sf4-disc/ So, it's very likely they will do the same with characters.
  11. I've already posted that it was. http://beefjack.com/news/street-fighter-iv-dlc-disk/ Google it, there are numerous things showing the same exact thing. You CAN find this stuff out, and numerous people have. It's pretty well known that all the DLC is already on the disc and they're doing slow releases of it.
  12. Capcom continues to release DLC for Street Fighter IV, all of which appears to already be on the disc. I'll go with proof of past events over speculation.
  13. Completely agree. I think I'll add one or two songs to my list.
  14. He was saying that it happens quite a bit that characters, maps, add-ons, and whatever else are already done, put into a game, and are left to be unlocked as DLC. Smackdown vs Raw is the first that comes to mind that did it. Numerous DLC they released for that game were EXACTLY 128kb, far less than necessary for the huge packs they unlock, leading to show that the DLC is already on the disc and you're paying to unlock it. RE5 did this. Bioshock 2 did this. Neither of us said that they were "unfinished", only you did, and the only reason you think they're "unfinished" is because you haven't seen anything that shows they are finished, which again, is common. They're not going to show completed DLC over showing the main game's product. Game companies have been adding DLC right into games and releasing unlocking DLC since it started on the current gen systems. Bravo on the "herp derp" when what he said was exactly right. Unless you were realizing that you're being retarded? EDIT: http://beefjack.com/news/street-fighter-iv-dlc-disk/ Here. Capcom making people pay for Street Fighter IV DLC that's finished and already on the disc. So they did this not only for RE5 but Street Fighter as well. I'm expecting the same to happen here.
  15. I've seen that a lot of times and I can say almost every single time, they start out in the game and the DLC is simply an "unlock".
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