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  1. Flame wars are lame wars, dudes. But yeah, Bitwig looks awesome. I'm really excited to try it out.
  2. Renoise is awesome. I've been using it for years. It's fast, powerful, intuitive, and the developers really listen to the community so it really makes progress in ways that reflect the desires of the people using it. I wholeheartedly recommend it. I wish I had a Mac so I could play with Numerology. It looks awesome.
  3. This is the soundtrack I composed for the game Ring Raze during Global Game Jam 2012.
  4. Renoise has a 30% discount going on until the 2.7 beta is over! 2.7 is killer!
  5. Sweet. Glad you enjoyed it. No one else seems to have noticed on here. And yeah, Karakasa does all its releases in high quality.
  6. So I'm on a label called Karakasa Music, and just last month we released this awesome album of Mega Man remixes (for free of course). I thought that the wonderful community here at OCR would love it, so here you are. Track list: 01 H.P. Sneakstep : Bubble Man 02 Fah : Gemini Man 03 Mitch Murder : Dr. Wily 04 hautlle : Snake Man 05 Gaysex Twin : Wood Man 06 Cryptowen : Gemini Man 07 Missqulater : Megarock Man2 (Missqulater’s Password Remix) 08 William S Braintree : Pharaoh Man Fathers Farrow 09 The Hyperbolic Chamber : Flash Man 10 Mitch Murder : Elec Man 11 Dane Jacobs : Megaman 3 – Dr Wily’s Castle Stage 3 & 4 12 Fah : Fire Man 13 Katie Kilobyte : Wilybyte 14 wahrk : Variable X 15 Beneboi : Needleman (Gamebwahcrunk Remix) Note: All tracks are from the original 8 games save my track, "Variable X", which is from the first Mega Man X.
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