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  1. Ground man is the ~best~ robot master theme. Excited to see old school homies getting back in the game!
  2. Yeah, my hard drive tanked on me the friday before I was supposed to submit last round. Lost a lotta stuff music wise and my FL plugins/samples aren't back to 100%, but I've got a good enough setup right now to manage a remix.
  3. Good News! I've got my computer up and running again so I'll be remixing this week for my group. The source this week is giving me some HEAVY Metroid Prime vibes and seems to fit really well with Wheel Gator. I'm pumped
  4. So what has started as FL crashing last night has now evolved into my entire computer crashing. I'm trying to get it fixed but I don't think that'll happen in the next few hours so I won't be able to submit something this week. I'm really really sorry, but the good news is that this is (hopefully) a one-off and fixable problem, so I should be fine for the rest of the compo.
  5. How will I ever top this masterpiece though? https://soundcloud.com/ethanrexmusic/killer-beets-ground-man-and
  6. Just got splatoon today, already level 7. This game is too good
  7. Cannot read this without thinking about OCR Protodome Anyway, yeah, I agree with Gario about the ending if you want to sub this. P good on everything else, make sure that your glitchy fx stuff throughout the mix isn't too loud on the high ends. Some of em (like around 1:49) are pretty hot.
  8. Agreed with all the crits above. Everything is bare bones - most of the synths sound pretty vanilla, and most of the arrangement seems to be meandering without any sort of musical purpose. Think of a mix like a story. It needs a good intro, climax, variation, and texture to be strong. Otherwise the finished product is grating or boring. Add more elements like arps, pads, countermelodies, etc. to add a richness to your music, or it'll sound bare bones. Work on creating a structure to your mix so that transitions seem logical from a musical perspective. Experiment with synth creation to create unique sounds that don't remind me of vanilla synth1 presets.
  9. Just wanted to throw my quote from the other thread in here. I'm still up to finish the arrangement for SS Aqua if players are interested. Alternatively, I could be down for a collab as long as we're done before the Sigma Fortress compo gets in full gear. I think I have an old WIP of a Melee Menu 1/Target Test remix laying around somewhere...
  10. Yeah, I mean maybe throw in a light pad or some atmospheric stuff in there, something to add a little depth that won't really change the "intro" feel. After listening a couple of times, I think you'll probably get judge crits on repetitive arrangement as well, so maybe look into that too.
  11. I might also suggest the SS Aqua theme for Pokemon GSC, since that's the transition to the Kanto part of the game (and also a personal favorite ). I threw together a really really bare bones concept WIP of a style I think could work with it too, if someone (*cough*OverClockedPlaidMuffins*cough*) wants to take a crack at it. Might take too long to organize though. For smash, I might recommend something from melee, since iirc he did a lot of heavy lifting to get that game out without delays. Either of the menu themes are good, and the target test theme is favorite of mine (and also groovy as hell). Full Melee OST Link for those who want to skim. I think the album is a totally rad idea and a great way to honor a man who gave us so many good memories. I'd join myself, but I don't think I have the skill it'd take to pump out a track in a timely manner. Though, if anyone is interested, I can try to write out the rest of the arrangement on that SS Aqua track.
  12. Not a mod so I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post in mod-reviewed tagged threads, but I couldn't find a rule about it so here we go: Piano is a bit bare for a bit too long. Maybe put some stuff in the background to cover it up. The high end on that clap is pretty hot, maybe cut the high edge off of it a bit. Your low-mid end is a bit muddy as well, that seems to be where all of the action is. Try varying up your part writing/mixing to get a more even soundscape so the mix sounds fuller. Not a lotta crits on the arrangement, seems to be a pretty nice downtempo mix of an iconic theme. Whoa that ending was very sudden, look into that.
  13. I already said this on twitter, but the dude was a programming legend. The guy singlehandedly (more or less) programmed Earthbound, and shrunk Pokemon GS down enough to fit Kanto in. As CEO, he halved his pay when profits dropped. Maintained a priority toward gamers throughout his tenure as well. The man was a monolith in the gaming industry, and will be sorely missed..
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