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  1. "Hello World" is a comprehensive double album of original music by the Super Marcato Bros. This loving homage to the music of Super Mario World 1 & 2 for the SNES is the ultimate tribute to the genius of Koji Kondo. The first volume: "Adventures in Mushroomland" aims to honor the legacy of the original game, while taking the listener to places never heard before in a Mario game. The second volume: "Journey to Dino Island" is inspired by the sequel "Yoshi's Island", and aims to capture the unique musical spirit of that beloved game. Sequenced with actual SNES samples, this double album aims to transport the listener to a world that is both familiar and entirely unique. Hello World: Adventures in Mushroomland: http://music.supermarcatobros.com/album/hello-world-adventures-in-mushroomland Hello World: Journey to Dino Island: http://music.supermarcatobros.com/album/hello-world-journey-to-dino-island Enjoy! -Super Marcato Bros.
  2. I just finished an original chiptune called "Bated Breath." I've been told it sounds kind of Mega Man-ish. Anyway, enjoy! -Karl
  3. U.N. Squadron is one of my favorite soundtracks, and I was in the mood to remix this classic track with modern instruments. Enjoy! Sequenced, performed and mixed by Karl Brueggemann. Composed by Manami Matsumae
  4. Well shoot, maybe THAT's how I should've presented this. It would have been a scoop! And then, months later, I would reveal the truth... But seriously, thanks guys! That means a lot.
  5. Thank you! I appreciate that. I really studied Ishikawa's melodic and chord style, and part writing pretty deeply. And I now have much more appreciation for his iconic work. Using SNES samples was a tedious and time consuming process, but ultimately rewarding. Thanks again!
  6. Check out this new original SNES Kirby album inspired by Kirby's Dream Land 3 and Kirby Super Star! The aim was to capture the unabashedly fun and cute spirit of Kirby! http://music.supermarcatobros.com/album/another-day-in-dream-land
  7. What do you guys think the chances are of this getting a soundtrack release? I really think we're now firmly in a new era of Nintendo music. I hope the real performance trend continues! I've been so disappointed with the music of the Mario Kart series recently, but this has me so excited again!
  8. Here is a track from the album to give a taste. This one's called "Soaring Gadget."
  9. Sonicesque, Vol. IV is the fourth album of original, Sonic-inspired music composed by Karl Brueggemann. You can listen to and download the entire album at the links below. This album is a tribute to the catchy, groovy and energetic music from Sonic 1, 2, 3 & Knuckles, and 3D Blast for the Sega Genesis. With this fourth volume, everything was taken to the next level. The catalysts of inspiration are more immediately apparent; the part writing and interaction between the FM and PSG channels is more authentic and active; and the balance between old and new is more consistent and confident. Drawing from the likes of Nakamura, Jackson, Senoue and all the others, enjoy nods to specific levels such as Sonic 3's Special Stage, Sonic 2's Casino Night Zone and Metropolis Zone, Sonic & Knuckles' Doomsday Zone and more! As well as completely fresh songs which aren't inspired by any specific level, but which aim to carry the torch of that great 16-bit era music. Enjoy, and thanks for listening! -Karl Listen to the album via its Youtube playlist: Listen to and download the album on Bandcamp: http://music.supermarcatobros.com/album/sonicesque-vol-iv
  10. Check out our new original album inspired by the music of the original F-Zero! Featuring authentic SNES samples. If you're a fan of the original, you'll get a kick out of this. Enjoy! http://music.supermarcatobros.com/album/zero-g-super-satellite-racing -Karl Super Marcato Bros.
  11. Cool, thanks guys! Good call on the Sonic and Shinobi vibe. For this track, I used a combination of vsts (VOPM, Chipsounds) and ripped drum samples. Here is what I used: The bass and lead were VOPM, and from "Toxic Caves" from Sonic Spinball. The more 8-bit PSG instruments were done with Chipsounds. The drums were ripped from Cosmic Carnage, for the 32X. I'm glad you guys dig the track. I actually have made tons of Genesis chip tunes. It's one of my favorite types of game music to make!
  12. Here is a new original Sega Genesis chiptune! I hope you enjoy it. This one's pretty darn funky.
  13. Here's a new original chiptune, with some Yuzo Koshiro influence. It kind of feels like Ys meets Streets of Rage. Enjoy!!
  14. Here's a new tune of mine, which fuses authentic jazz changes and melodies with video game-oriented instrumentation. Enjoy! -Karl
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