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  1. Great song. I really dig acoustic mixes from this site. Hearing this, though, makes me wonder why Kirby doesn't get more love around here. Where's the remix of Metaknight's revenge? You know we're all waiting for someone to do it. (I hope.)
  2. Whoa. I completely agree with chrisdlugosz. Although I would like to disagree with him on one point: I think of Kraid as the swank bachelor entertaining his guests.
  3. Yes! More piano music! A few years back, a friend heard me complaining about how I wanted to hear video game music as interpreted by the piano. I happily joined this sight when I first heard such a song. Now I get to hear awesome pianists like Squint and pu_freak do their thing. Keep on being awesome!
  4. Sounds cool. It's definitely old school. Hearing this makes me wonder why a remix of "the song of healing" from Majora's Mask hasn't happened yet.
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