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  1. Thanks for pointing some things out , yeah the mixing isnt so great at the moment , but in the end it's going to sound atleast 3x better
  2. Heh , what do you know ! , I got that guitar too! I can't take a picture right now , so here is a picture I found on the net
  3. Lol . I don't wanna disappoint you but I am not much of a shredder either , I am more a riffer , than a shredder , but If you do wanna collaborate , I am happy to do so!
  4. I just started doing this , it's going to be a mix of electronic synths , acoustic instruments and good old rock n roll. http://tindeck.com/listen/drrx Source :
  5. Thanks a lot sir , I appreciate it! * Army salute *
  6. This is so awesome it's not even possible . However , my only problem is the fact that it is too slow , all the time , and it's wwwaaaaaaaaay too awesome of a song to be slow , all the time ,
  7. ots Already done that . This time around I mixed screenshots with gameplay footage. Good quality too. Unfortunately , to no effect. I guess I'm just going to continue making music and see where that takes me =/
  8. Yeah , but isn't that like , cheap , and you know , irrelevant?
  9. I get that alot . The problem with those kind of people is the arrogance with which they present their song.
  10. Thanks for the fav , I appreciate it!
  11. Thanks for the tips ! I'll be sure to try and follow your advice!
  12. Thanks! Glad you love it! Well , I basically make music , I don't know how compelling that can get =/ I'll be sure to do that That's a pretty good idea actually , thanks for mentioning it!
  13. I noticed that , yeah , sadly , it's mostly corporate stuff from now on :/
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